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In-Depth Zilliqa (ZIL) Project Analysis

Mr. Y

Blockchain Whispers’ Fundamental Analyst

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Basis


Zilliqa (ZIL) is the perfect solution to Blockchain's trilemma; decentralization, scalability, and security. Finding equilibrium without sacrificing any of the above-mentioned heavyweights. Zilliqa is primarily based on the concept of Sharding. Widely renowned for its achievements in scalability issues, they have managed to handle 1,400 transactions per second becoming a possible rival to the evergreen VISA network. Having launched the mainnet in late January 2019, the team tirelessly build what they call a complete blockchain with a strong backbone for dApps.


Sharding intends to divide the network into smaller fragments to increase the number of transactions handles per second. Zilliqa exploits the Proof of Work mechanism in a unique way by employing it after say 100 blocks to verify. This reduces power consumption by humongous rates.


To make their ideas prominent, they have unveiled a programming language specifically for the development of smart contracts. Scilla is an acronym for  Smart Contract Intermediate-Level LAnguage. The idea comes from problems in the smart contracts executed on the ethereum network. Keeping smart contract safety in mind, they have introduced a web-based Interactive Development Environment (IDE) to make the process effortless.


Zilliqa is a state of art blockchain aiming to solve the greatest problems in the cryptocurrency industry with the aid of ever-improving technology.


Sharding - The heart of Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Appreciation

Zilliqa Price Fundamentals

Let's make an attempt to understand the most crucial aspect of the Zilliqa ecosystem. It is necessary to undertake the fact that the world is evolving every day and to cater the needs of billions of people, ethereum or bitcoin need to be able to handle the enormous amount of transactions the world economy makes in a second. Numerous attempts have been made by cryptocurrency developers to solve this real-world problem. One such being the concept of Sharding.


Sharding can be thought to be a secret potion that gives the network superpowers to handle thousands of transactions. This is done by dividing the network into partitions called 'shards'. This makes the validation process more efficient as it assigns certain shards to a group of nodes and other shards to the supplemental.

This is done to abstain every node from going through the entire transaction history of the blockchain. As a cumulative impact, it makes the complete network more responsive and cognizant about the functioning of smart contracts.


Zilliqa Mainnet Magic

Zilliqa Price Mainet Launch

Mainnet does make a huge impact on a currency as it's something similar to moving out of your parent's house to your own. Let's focus on this example to understand how it impacts the project. We tend to get more responsible for ourselves and ensure our security. We also tend to develop individuality. Similarly, when tokens migrate into their mainnet, we can expect to see holistic development.


Zilliqa successfully launched their mainnet on 31 January 2019. They did stick according to schedule and managed to bring in the best features as promised.


Sharding has been one of the premier reasons for Zilliqa's success. The team unveiled the much-anticipated security measures to establish a stable smart contract platform which scales as the network grows.


Zil Price

The Zilliqa team also introduced us to Scilla, the native language to the Zilliqa ecosystem. It's claimed to possess the abilities to eliminate known vulnerabilities often found in smart contracts.


Zilliqa's team has created an eco-friendly mining system that utilizes Proof of Work for only about 1 minute in every 2-3 hours. This proves to be a great step to cut down excessive power consumption as seen in Bitcoin and Ethereum mining.

Yet there is a chink in the armor. Guard nodes are run by the team and are given high priority during the 1 minute or so of PoW. These are created on the network for safeguarding and preventing any mishap. The team tries to convince us that guard nodes do not get compensated for their work, yet this would be a serious stain on the decentralized nature of the network.


Anchor dApp’s launch

Remember the CryptoKitties craze? It would be a sin if I considered Ethereum's stunning run to over $1000 was because of this. Yet, we can't deny the fact that CryptoKitties did make a difference in the price. Zilliqa has a huge event coming up on the 31 March. The launch of Anchor dApp, this is believed to make a huge impact on the platform because it opens the doors to development for the rest of the world. This gives developers an opportunity to launch dApps. It is also alleged that this would be the biggest and most important use case of Zilliqa.


Zilliqa (ZIL)  Price Prediction Q1/Q2 2019

ZIL/BTC Technical Analysis (TA)

Mid Term to Long term, ZIL looks bullish and we could expect a good uptrend in the near future.


ZIL broke out of the falling wedge pattern and now looks like it’s forming a bullish Cup & Handle pattern. A break above 530 would confirm the bullish trend continuation and all targets to reach easily.Zilliqa Price TA

Volume has increased over the past few days with momentum slowly declining right now allowing the chance to enter on this retracement move before further uptrend.

OCC indicator has signaled long. It shows good potential buy opportunity.

A retest of previous resistance that now supports is perfectly normal and there is where entry is taken.


Entry:                                                                                   Stop Loss:

473 - 466 - 456 sats.                                                                409 sats


Targets:                                                                               Potential Profit:

534 - 572 - 597 – 639                                                              12.90% - 35.39%


14 days to 60 days


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Zilliqa (ZIL) listing on Coinbase

Zilliqa Coinbase Listing

Coinbase is one of the leading consumer grade cryptocurrency exchange with a huge volume. Getting your token on Brian Armstrong's list could give it enough fuel to have a round trip to the moon. In the recent past, major altcoins like XRP and XLM made their way to the big boy's exchange.


Underdog Zilliqa is rumored to have great support from the CEO of Coinbase for their intentions, well not publically. Coinbase Custody has extended a helping hand to these genius minds by offering to have them listed.


A pattern suggested by Mr. Y indicates that Coinbase lists coins after the successful completion of a major protocol upgrade. In the case of Zilliqa, the Mainnet went live on January 31, 2019, and the well-awaited Anchor dApp is scheduled to launch on 31 March 2019. It is alleged that Coinbase did list ZIL on an earlier occasion but soon reverted from their decision. Delisting followed and a possible reason would be regulatory issues. Zilliqa Token swap is just around the corner.  Assuming it solves all the prevalent issues, you can soon expect Brian Armstrong tweeting about the listing. Fundamentally Zilliqa could soon trade at 5 cents. Currently it is 1.83.


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