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Tip Of The Day #2 > Your Own Portfolio In Real Time!

Tip Of The Day #2 > Your Own Portfolio In Real Time!

On the home page of just press the + button next to "Your portfolio", enter your coins and you get daily, real-time: price, your portfolio status, and the change in the last 24 hrs.  Really useful stuff.

Use it.

Even if you don't have anything in portfolio, I suggest you add Bitcoin and Ether so you watch real time changes and you know immediately as soon as you come to your crypto homepage:

1st. What happened (where did the price go) - by looking at your Blockchain Whispers portfolio

2nd. Why happened (what caused it) - By looking at the E.A.R. news that community voted as price-impacting

3rd. What might happen next - By looking in D.A.R.T. challenge and what top traders think, also as the big red and green buttons sentiment for btc... and finally

4th How to benefit it the most - by reading your good ol' D man's posts and updates.


All at one place.


Blockchain Whispers baby!



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1m ago
Is it possible to alter the mask there in order to be able to fill in sat value rather than USD? Would be greatly appreciated.
  • 34
1m ago
Thanks DMan! Beauty of a site I will be here daily - FYI when I hover over my portfolio it shows the percentage gain / loss and a dollar gain that seems to be super high is that leveraged or something? (68k profit on a 1.4% BTC gain .4 token 1300 invested currently)