Your Portfolio:

You vote for regulation, and regulation allows accredited investors, funds, etc high net worth...

individuals to invest in things you no longer will be able to. Congratulations!

What else can I tell, it's rare to see such amount of self destructiveness anywhere but in this beautiful democracy where uneducated, lazy people get to vote without knowing what they are voting for. Where a vote of a scientist and humanitarian carries the equal weight as a vote of Kim Kardashian couch potato fan voting for politicians who will shape their futures by their chin lines and eye color.

Fuck it. We had a good chance.
R. I. P. 2017 and Satoshi Dream
Welcome Institutions, mass-ass-fuck


P.S. Mark my words, in these bearish times it becomes evident D man is right, however, as soon as institutions enter, the market will spike, things will go bullish, and the mass will once again forget about what's truly happening, and be enjoying the 30% gains, while they are forbidden by the law to enjoy 300% ones!