You still think Blockchain Whispers Premium service is too expensive for you? Tell me what you think after reading this

You still think Blockchain Whispers Premium service is too expensive for you? Tell me what you think after reading this

For the last two or so months we were just in bitcoin and tezos. It was bear market, and while most were jerking, losing money on dipping alts we were steady and calm.

We made profits with leverage trades, shorting and longing, or we just stayed in position, the safest in crypto at the moment.

Then, I announced the 20x coin.

I announced it again.

And when I finally gave it, my premium members knew it is a STRONG signal. Not a luck or accident. Even before time I called this to be my second pundix this year.

I was wrong.

It is even better!

It did 311% without a correction in just 12 days!

Now tell me... how expensive is 0.147 premium?

If you knew this signal, and you say put just 0.2 out of your 1btc portfolio, now it would be 0.6+

The coin is qnt, and now you as free members know it, but you should wait for some retracement if you want to enter in.

However, publicizing the 20x coin was not the point here. It was to ask some of long term free followers who for some reason think it is wiser to get a gem or three from me here for free, rather than join premium.

Don't you think if I give these super profitable, accurate calls for you for free, that I have something even stronger and better for my premium members who pay for this whole trading team, analysts and all in store?

Sometimes being afraid to be 'scammed' or to make a 'wrong move' is costly. Life never rewards cowards. It rewards the bold.

Besides that in premium we have entries in amazing alts, we, to the best of our team's abilities (which at the moment I'm fortunate are on the top of the world),.. tell you where bitcoin is going, when there is alt period when there is volatility.. they know it all.

And, if you follow me for any time now, you know I'm not an asshole.  I gave my members in this bear season a membership-freeze so that the membership is not a burden for them but that it allows them to earn.  So even waiting for "bullish" times to join blockchain Whispers Premium is not a wise idea, as the time is now and never let it go.

Now the process is fully automatic, go to: and become premium member within minutes. Inside you'll find some alt calls you can setup orders for immediately, some active ones for which you should check the price, and also setup notifications so you're ready for the next calls, and for even next 5x that will be announced on the first opportunity.

So you still think Blockchain Whispers Premium service is too expensive for you?

Go to: 

For questions, reach out to @cryptoalfred on Telegram.

For accuracy,



Oh yes, think our 20x coin was an accident?  What about Pundi 20x? What about public calls: zil 3.5x, theta 2x, ont 8.5x, ... heck even pal started shooting for the stars now... and these all calls were given in bear season... zrx we were the first to predict coinbase listing, bnb nice 2x in like 10 days or less.. I don't know any other group that did like this in the BEAR market. Now imagine us in the bull...

those dart-throwing 'experts' who are capable of working only in bull times, springing up like mushrooms after the rain... just ask yourself how much you want to trust their leadership?

Even if they have fancier website than me, even if they don't talk about boobs as I do... there is no one **I** would personally invest in, if I knew what I now know, than Blockchain Whispers. The edge just makes it well worth the 0.147.

Of course, if your portfolio is under 0.5btc, then you should really work on getting your portfolio bigger before considering. Let's not fool ourselves. This is good, super good analysis. It is not magic. This is for men serious about seeing their portfolio shining, not those expecting a roulette wheel spin, as that you can do that in a casino. If you are ready, delay no further, join premium and immediately tap yourself on the back for good decision, probably better decision than any individual coin investment can be. Go to: and see you inside.

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2 years ago ago
Really nice chart, right now QNT is down to 0.015, is it still a good time to enter?

What I donot understand: why did QNTs first correction did start the moment blockchainwhispers put this gem on its free channel?
D Man
2 years ago ago
Thank you. It is not a good time to enter now, you should wait for some dip. Basically, the correction was long due, but the coin is so strong it continued up eating the sell walls. It didn't start when announced, but about an hour earlier.  The good time to enter for the free members is when it dips, when some bitcoin strong move causes red alts days... not now.  Of course we don't want to buy the peak after 311% gains. Does that help?
2 years ago ago
Thanks, D-Man, your  explanations help  a lot!