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flash crash, and if you join now, your membership is not expiring until the beginning of the bull times (until btc is $10,000 I finance everything - the team, the cartel members, analysts,...) — and later when the dip and then the bull run happens — you'll want to be in some of these positions at the prices we will get into at. @bwregisterbot to join now.

Sure, some things I will share with the free channel because I love you, however premium info must remain premium, especially when it comes at terms where you invest and your membership is pretty much guaranteed not to expire until the beginning of the bull run. I put the money where my mouth is and guarantee things with my money.

With that said: this is investing world, there are absolutely no guarantees with Premium service - you join based on your homework if you have decided this is the intelligent thing for you to do, the thing that gives you an edge. I don't provide any refunds, I don't trade for you and I don't get to be available for you for custom questions. To make it clear — it's simply we are too big for me to humanly able to handle it all.

On the other hand, I figured a solution:
You have about once a week or when the situation calls for it a Premium chat - where you get to ask me and my analysts and traders questions regarding stuff.
Premium c
hannel which is basically a backup and to make things stay instead of:
Premium Signalli
ng Bot — through this bot you get most of the signals, and info to get in or out of the position. Don't worry, most is user friendly, and you can start by using your common sense. if you notice we revealed you something that is of your benefit, that you didn't know and it makes sense to invest, you invest. If not, just watch it play on paper until you have enough confidence and trust in Premium Blockchain Whispers (which should happen fast).

Bullish or else g
uarantee — until btc hits $10,000 or you get the signals that at least double your portfolio - whichever comes first, your membership is not expiring and we are accumulating pure bargains of the bear times.

With Cartel being formed, and top traders from around the world joining Blockchain Whispers to prevent possibility of any competition whatsoever (ethically by being good!)... you are missing out if you are not inside with us. In crypto, 15% up and 15% down can happen easily, and even if you have 1btc portfolio, that can buy you a guardian team by your shoulders for who knows how much time... 15% mistake is just a matter of a bad buy on the wrong day... just one thing that we might fix for you leaving everything else as a bonus. Of course, we can do the fuckup ourselves too, so for that do the homework prior joining, to make sure our edge is strong enough for this investment to be a no-brainer for you: @bwregisterbot and choose your package. Questions - send a message to @cryptokanik

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