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You Should Bully! Bull times ahead!


I expect we are on the brink of bull times.

Just a little bit more...maybe just a dip or three... within 30 days I will be really surprised if the bull run and the long expected green candles don't start shining.

And then, you will tap yourself on the back, beause you held, you bought some coins cheap... you did not sell cheap... and you're in for the money!

Then in green times remember who is with you in the bear times too... when no one want the responsibility or blame that noobs give to experts when the market goes down.

It's not a fault of a construction company for builiding a house that was broken by hurracane.

However, I do it for most good people who needed a hand in this hurracane of crypto. We are nearly ready.

I'll give you one premium mid term hold call... that should give you enough to let you join Premium should you want to.

XLM - very low risk, quite bullish for the following 3-8 weeks.

Enjoy it and share love.




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5m ago
ciao Dman, to me your opinions are the only ones worthy to be listened in this space.
So you think that global market cap of 200bn and BTC market cap of 100bn is a threshold we are never again going to break, if not for short time?

Hello from Italy
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5m ago
Thanks alot as always !!!  
  • 108
5m ago
So buying xlm we would. Thanks! Right?
D Man
  • 3241
5m ago
yup. Premiums already did it, and it's a good hold for free users - very bullish next two months.
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5m ago
Thanks for the heads up.    It will take a while, but the day will come when Premium is affordable.    I'm so appreciative of the previous free trade calls.     Translated to alts helped go from accumulating to positioning for small profits.     Thank you.
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5m ago
Thanks, cant wait to join your :)
  • 52
5m ago
dman ur the best out there cheers u always keep ur audience ahead of whatever gonna happen 
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5m ago
Thanks D! I hope I will be in Premium soon! 
  • 94
5m ago
D Man am seriously saving for the Premium. Thanks for sharing.
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5m ago
D the man. Almost time to bully some strippers!
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5m ago
Sharing is caring, and it seems you love us :-)

Much appreciated brudda!

Always love reading your posts !

All the best
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5m ago
I appreciate it chief boss