Your Portfolio:

You see trading is a risky sport..., if you followed short you lost 5% (6750 to stoploss...

premiums lost 20% (4x) and Lions 60% of one investment. For Lions it's 12% of total, for Premiums, 2-4% of total depending on portfolio size, and for you since no leverage, 4 times less. It serves as a great reminder.

We are still bearish, we are still in long term trades or in usdt. This time I let ourselves get fooled by the charts, not following my own advice - everybody sees charts, it was GREAT opportunity for strong long to break it. Congrats Longs!

Now the advice is not to get in any trade, get up, go for a walk and don't do anything... get back tomorrow. Rush decisions are dangerous - and btc remains bearish although might go up for a while.