You see - even in free channel I help you make money, but you need to help yourself first to make...

it -

let's dissect the NEM call. This is what I did, and what my most loyal followers saw:

1) I gave a link here 8 times already to my free discussions group - I give them for one minute so not too many people join - we have 3000 members there approx. It's free. I told I will show them how my team found out among the first a rock-solid confirmation from CZ about NEM being listed.

I then

2) Guided you through the interview where it slipped off for him.

3) then you saw it a couple more times in screenshots. You understood two things: that it is happening and that I don't know when.

Last confirmation being yesterday or the day before in screenshots...

So -- what can I say, is that not enough?

If emotions got the better of you and 5 minutes after my mention you didn't see the spike in nem and you sold it at a loss - it is your problem really, and not trading problem, but emotional control problem.

On the other hand if you realized the strategy that I want to teach you, you understood: 1) D man confirmed by CZ that NEM is getting listed on Binance 2) when it happens the coin spikes in volume and in price 3) It is good, it is confirmed, I will hold it long term.

That's what I expect you to do and my compliments to those who did. (many of you as I see from my messages so far!)

But some (I always focus on that fraction of naysayers because they really hurt themselves mostly) - what they did - they bought nem, they panicked after couple minutes or days and they sold it at a loss. Now they heard the news and they are buying at a spike... then they are selling when they see it was a pump and it goes down, or they decide on the biggest pump, okay now I will hold and lose anyway - and then they think they are unlucky. No, I am sorry but you are from trading point of view - stupid.

Not as a person, but as a trader.

Or lazy.

Whatever you want.

Steps to recover from loser crying at a corner of a bar with a beer bottle in his hand to intelligent investor who parties with big boob chicks knowing he had a good day trading:

1) Accept responsibility.

To do that - you must admit your fault. You must admit that you did in fact had equal chances. That your stars are just perfectly aligned. That it isn't that you're poor or that you're not in premium or something. This is something I shared here in free channel.

2) Be appreciative. Understand the value of gems Blockchain Whispers and I give you.

This is important because the more you are aware of the value the more 'weight' you put on it and the tendency is you will do a better (neccessary) homework for it

3) control your emotions.

For start read here in the channel a week or so ago I wrote about the winning and losing types of traders and why most newbies are in the least profitable category. Fix it. Start with being long term first, then mid term.... then and only then after it's all nailed if you decide and you can do it properly do day trading.

4) Stick to your decision.

You know you're controlling your emotions when you can decide a month ago to buy nem and hold it no matter what - when you see storms of btc, everything 'collapsing' and you still stick to your NEM.

And to do that you must, absolutely must

5) Make sure you invest only what you can afford to lose.

If you don't have money - don't come to trading hoping for fast riches. It's a job like anything else. Yes, you can get here some smart and good long term INVESTMENTS, however not trading... not quick trades. If you want to be better than putting it on a roulette - you must learn D man's principles above.

So if your budget for investing is too small, ask yourself can you easily lose it? IF yes, then by all means go super aggressive (but smart), and see what happens.

IF you can't - then don't invest.

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