Your Portfolio:

You know why right now we are so strongly on top? Because we invest. And we re-invest. In you. ...

In what you get from me.

I have insiders in Mt. Gox - 2nd step though.
I have insiders in at least 15 coins.

And most of them I got through people like yourself, who respect me.

When I am asked not to share, I don't.

When I can, like srn, I do.

I get the recordings from the meetings, I get access to the coin owners...
and yet I don't use that for tradings, I use that to get the right feels.

For example, there is one strongly russian-owned coin that's a favorite by many - and I know for the fact it is a pure ponzi without anything to back it up...

... bitconnect #2

I promised not to share about it, but at the same time... I most definitely will never recommend you to get in on it - even if charts go super bullish - because I don't want you locked in with shit.

The whole point is, you get what you're willing to give.

I am all in.

Are they?