Your Portfolio:

You invested 10 coins that you researched like mad, you chatted with their team, you chatted with...

their competitors, you got a..b..c... opinions... you eliminated hundreds of shitty coins and you came up with the ten microcaps...

You put in each 0.1 btc out of your total btc portfolio.

Imagine 7 got rekt totally - go nowhere, disappear.
One does 10x vs btc, one does 40x and one does 5x
And the bitcoin is at $50,000

Your math looks like this.


You, once poor student just made $275,000 that you decided to spend on strippers. That buys you Natashas with fit body big boobs or whatever your preference is.

And all that out of mere $5000 initial investment.

How? Because you were smart, you used your weakness in investment power as your strength, you out studied anyone at that level and you ended up being the whale in the room!

Blockchain Whispers Baby!


And in the following hours, days, weeks - who knows when as I'm always rewarding my most loyal followers - you'll get one of very promising almost micro-caps for you to lose your microcap virginity with.

I realized I focused this channel too much on huge investors, and that it's time to make sure I can see more good people in the strip clubs and support poor girls that have nothing to wear.