Your Portfolio:

Yesterday Premium got the gem ELEC. It was off the charts, and still is... however, it is super...

strong and I see it at 100m+ market cap.

This is another gem by our Mr. Y - who got us Ziliqa, ENG, ONT, BLZ,...

Not you now, but us also got on a "pumped" chart - why? We wanted to see if the market is as bullish about this
as us - however, they saw what an average investor would see - a pumped chart and wait for more, the point is
ELEC is underpriced and it will rush now to 100 mil + marketcap.

That's when you sell it - mid term it can 250 mil, however, we are in for short and sweet.

No further announcements for the sale date will be given.

An official analysis: (ELEC). a decentralized P2p-trading platform for energy on the Ethereum ecosystem. superb team, Jun Hasegawa from OmiseGO is an advisor and early investor. He is doing an AMA on reddit about ELEC this friday. And there will be a airdrop of ELEC-tokens to OMG-holders. This will raise awareness.
currently listed at Kucoin, i expect Binance to list it soon. Marketcap is very low at the moment, comparable projects like PWR and WePower all have Marketcaps that are several magnitudes higher and they are technically not as sound as great opportunity.

it is technologically very good, ahead of competition and it has top level supporters and advisors (Jun Hasegawa from OMG for example)

and it has a MoU with Tepco

Tepco is a japanese electricity provider, the 4. largest in the world

Enjoy it!

I wanted to give you this before Friday and ama. $0.17-$0.18 now


P.S. To be transparent, you're not entering first Premiums entered yesterday and Lions, however you're entering ahead of the big crowd.

From this point forward it has about 65% gains to make. Should be enough to buy yourself something nice and also enough so you can afford Premium and get even higher gains. Either way, who cares for you? 65% gains in my book is not bad, not bad at all :)