World Crypto Signals Championship About To End!

World Crypto Signals Championship About To End!

I came and I see this: positions in profit, smart men following - no weak pussies can complain they were too poor to not be in Premium as this shit is FREE given to you by your true one and only D Man and Blockchain Whispers.

Now get your ass to and review what top traders think of BTC etc as soon we are wrapping the competition, awarding the winner of our first DART challenge and let you wonder like fish out of the water: "what did I just miss?"

This you miss (here on Blockchain Whispers, for free!):

Yes wussies, take a look at losers - REAL traders, the best of the best - too - have losers. And if your weak ass is too 'discouraged' (poor you) by seeing your trade go red - then fuck off of trading. Save your money. Or keep on donating it to smarter, more disciplined trader.

If you have what it takes (and ALL you need is here in Blockchain Whispers - for FREE when you read it from the beginning all the way to today)... if you have the guts the patience, the desire... your're in for a kill. You're in this game to prosper big. One way or another.

Work it baby, your effort is rewarded. Work it.

Daddy loves you!


Just 8 more days before we announce the winner in DART crypto signals championship. Go, make some use of it.

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  • 122
1 year ago ago
That’s true even if bad analysis can occur, money management is the key I think. And balance the odds. Thanks D Man, what you’ve done with the telegram group (it started here) then this site with the bot open nice doors ! Cheers broski
D Man
  • 278
1 year ago ago
  • 9
1 year ago ago
Go easy bro! You can't blame newcomers for questioning the price of the signals service. That said, I have been a part of other signals groups and I can tell you are honest and truly care about helping people just from your writings, and your content is top notch. Thanks for what you are doing!
D Man
  • 278
1 year ago ago
Thank you brother for coming forward. Yeah baby. I have the most ballsy, honest, loyal followers on the planet!
  • 310
1 year ago ago
What's the plan going forward ofr these Bitmex signals? A new championship? Following the individual calls has been very rewarding. And additionally, using the overall sentiment (are the calls at the moment long or short) has helped me with my own trades as well. Thanks D Man!
  • 59
1 year ago ago
Thanks D Man, I haven't been able to catch all the trades and sometimes get confused when a signal is pulled early but the sentiment of the top traders has helped me put into practice a shorter term trade or 3.