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D Man

My friends, D here.

It's impressive your support, eagerness, motivation to start crafting your trail in Blockchain Whispers history.

Wiki exceeded all my expectations!

At the moment we are still upgrading it. I see some F** AMAZING! articles written that I kindly ask authors, if they can't edit them to re-upload them when the wiki is fully working (estimate within 48h or so).


Alright, let's get started on how you craft your first wiki article. (NOTE: Wiki is in Beta still, and all your suggestions are welcome here, beneath this article in the comment section)

1) You select a category. We have two main categories: crypto and trading.

If it concerns both like trading crypto then it is trading. If it is talking about crypto, then it's crypto - use common sense to find the best fit.

2) After selecting a category, you find or suggest a sub category. At the moment, the odds are you will have to suggest a relevant one. Again, keep it clean and help each other choose the best category by commenting. We will be tweaking it manually for now as the coders are preparing it all based on your user experience and feedback.

3) then you craft an article. Use these rules please:

  • The article must be useful - this is the most important one. You are leaving your statement on the web, your trail in history. Make it count. No referral links. No promos. No shilling as you'll just waste time, it will be rejected.
  • The title must be clear, simple, descriptive. Don't use my style of titles (I read this titties lol)... that you see on homepage as those are blog-like titles for my followers. Yours must be clear for a non follower to become your follower and to want to read what you wrote. Think search engines. People will google: "Where to buy Bitcoin?". Nobody will google "Alright, this is how I roll about it". Common sense.
  • The article must be 100% unique. Blockchain Whispers is original. We don't copy. We invent, evolve and create. You, by being here are the elite. Do the level to make us proud. Write your own article and make it badass.

With this said, I am excited to see and read your articles. The first two that I managed to approve (due to system being in-development) are badass and already making me proud. I have 10 articles already in approval, and can't wait to get to you all.


There are articles that were amazing but due to old server the pics are missing, I am kindly asking authors to re-upload.


Also, please do know one thing - this is yours!

Suggest feedback. Let's make it awesome. Here in the comments, let's report bugs for start, then let's make it smooth and then let's improve it.

Currently working on:
1) publishing bugs and fixes - DONE. Report if any missed.

2) making a preview so you can preview your article before you submit it - based on user feedback (a great suggestion), and so you can format it the way you like.

3) I want to code so that regardless of approval status it is saved for you so you can always come back edit it and re-submit it unless it violates the rules and awesomeness of this community. 

When we began, I didn't know what to expect, so far, only amazing submissions... Soon I'll be ashamed to even write for BCW when I see how many awesome talents willing to contribute to the growth of Blockchain Whispers 2.0 are here.

Thank you my friend!




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