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Why is there so much uncertainty about blockchain and Bitcoin?

  • Published At: 05.02.19 14:04
  • Last Updated At: 05.12.20 15:27
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Blockchain, Bitcoin and the technological advancements


Blockchain, Bitcoin and the technological advancements. We do not need the details of how it works, as long as it is useful.

In the same way that most of the public does not know much about the technical function of the internet or a computer, it does not mean that they do not know how to use it.

We do not need to know how electricity works in order to turn on the light. We do not need to know how the engine of a car works to turn it on, and why is there so much uncertainty about people who do not understand blockchain and Bitcoin?

In many group meetups that I have organized, I observed the public's concern when they do not understand technological advancement.

99.99% of the world population, has never used Bitcoin or blockchain.

People have an opinion of what it is because what they see at and read in the media, and if they are in a conversation group, usually google, it is the information tool.

Imagine if to sell a computer to a person who has never seen or used this system, I try to explain the RAM, processor, circuits, etc. And that person from that perspective tries to find a useful use.

I feel that explaining the blockchain is just as difficult or more since we are talking about programming. The reality is that when we start to use the blockchain in general, many will not even notice.


But what will we notice?

Imagine when we have a computer or cell phone that works with blockchain technology?

-No more passwords

-Much fewer viruses and hackers

-No more spam in emails

-Exchange of assets without intermediaries

-Voting online

-P2P communication

Well, for those who have used Bitcoin or a blockchain system, they understand what I’m talking about.

There will be ways to actually measure social links (Goodbye Facebook, Twitter and all these social networks that supposedly connect us more.)

Etc ... etc ...


The best way to understand the blockchain and Bitcoin is to USE IT. Like the internet, like a car, like a computer and everything that is learned only from experience and not theory.

For those who are investing time in a blockchain application, follow through. Buy Bitcoin, not because you will become a millionaire (unless you follow BW ;p), but you will be preparing for the present, yes, the present. I do not think that Bitcoin or the blockchain will liberate us from so much control and manipulation. But I do like to bust the banks, governments and institutions balls, which for some reason did not see this coming and now they are finding a way to control it and buy it at all costs. They have patience and infinite money, but those who can position themselves in the market and carry out their projects will be the lucky ones.

The future is applications, cloud services, the blockchain, quantum computers and who knows...

UBER, AIRBNB ... these companies do not own taxis or hotels, in the same way, that Bitcoin does not have a bank or government to back it. But with programming and design, they are changing and transforming the market.


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