Passive Income oppurtunities in Cryptocurrencies

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    Yeah most of us see Cryptos as something which we can Long / Short for quick gains. True it is. But there is another aspect which people have started to explore in Crypto universe.

    I would love to see your face as I am going to mention Crptocurrencies & Long term passive income in the same article. Hard to believe but it is TRUE. Yeah got it. I am cutting the bullshit & getting to the point. 

Ready for it.

#1 NEO

 NEO is one of the most famous cryptocurrency among the ones i will mention. It uses POS for smart contract & gives out free GAS (4 to 6%) which is better than most banks give on our savings/fixed deposits. Just be sure the wallet you keep your NEOs in does give GAS.


#2 VET

VET is a platform for developing enterprise level decentralised applications. One needs THOR (not the marvel character) to fuel VET, the same way one needs GAS to fuel NEO. And that means holding VET will get you free THOR tokens.


# 3 EOS

EOS is used for EOSIO software, which is a blockchain based architecture, assisting in scaling of decentralised application. If you have EOS, from the time it went on main net, you will keep receiving many tokens as airdrops when they launch on the EOS network. Some of them are very good projects like IQ /EOP/ EON. I am certain in the long term some of them are going to earn us a neat return. Free. 


# 4 TRX

Aha. Flavour of the season. You will get BTT token if you have TRX. Though its not official yet, the rate is going to be 0.11BTT for every TRX you hold in a participating wallet. And it will continue up to 2025. 


# 5 BNB

BNB is the native token for one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges: Its built on ERC20 blockchain & is a deflationary token. They keep burning a percentage every quater & was one of the very few cryptos which has been stable even in Bear market. 


Although there are plenty of coins like these, with which you can earn by staking or through dividends, I have included only 5 to keep the article short. I have made sure all the coins I mention have real world use already (they are all working products) & not just a whitepaper. And it would also help in diversification of your portfolio. If you want to know where to buy them, read my article which-are-the-most-popular-crypto-exchanges


PS: BTC is still the KING. So Always have BTC before you invest in any other coin.


Keep HODLing



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