Glossary and acronyms

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Glossary and acronyms

In the following you can find the most common acronyms and short definitions about cryptocurrencies.

Alt - altcoin
ATH - all time high.  When an asset has reached its highest value ever recorded.
ATL - all time low.  When an asset has reached its lowest value ever recorded.
Bag Holder - A person who buys and hold a coins in large quantity
Bear/Bearish - negative price movement

Btc - acronym for bitcoin
Btfd - Buy The Fucking Dip, when a coin dumps
Bull/Bullish - positive price movement
Bottom - the lowest estimated price
BPI - Bitcoin price index. The average price of bitcoin on all exchanges.
CC - Credit Card
CB - Coinbase. A big exchange
Cex – Centralized Exchange

dApp - decentralized Appplication. An open source application, fully decentralized. All it´s data is safed cryptographically and public on the blockchain.
DB - Double Bottom. 
Dao – Decentralized Autonomous Organization

DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service Attack. A lot of computing power combined to attack a signle destination, often websites.
Dex - decentralized exchange. An crypto exchange without fees or intermediate. You control your private keys.
Dildo - long red or green candles

Dyor - Do Your Own Research
Erc - Ethereum Request for Comments, acronym for ethereum based tokens
Etf - Exchange traded fund. A markable security that tracks an Index, different assets or bonds. It trades like a common stock on a stock exchange.
Eth - shortcut for ethereum
Exe - exchange. A common place to buy and sell your crypto.
FA - fundamental analysis

Fiat - "paper money". The old money we all use in our daily life.
Fud - fear, uncertainty, doubt. It refers to information that is on purpose negative to scare the investor.
Futures - A central financial Exchange where trader can trade standarized future contracts. That means they can buy commodities at a specified price with delivery set at a special time in the future.

Fomo - fear of missing out. Somebody is afraid of missing out because the coin might increase in value VERY fast and will not drop in price again.
FTC – Federal Trade Commission
HF - High Failure
HH - Higher High
HL - Higher Low
Hodl - hold. To hold a cryptocurrency for a longer time period and not actively trading it. It is also the most famous meme in crypto.
Hype - to praise something a bit too much (see shill), but often still in a positive manner
ICO/ITO - initial coin offering/initial token offering. It matches fundraising in the cryptosphere. Basically you exchange fiat for a new coin offered by the company.
Jomo - Joy Of Missing Out

Lambo - Lamborghini. The famous car, often combined with "moon".
LF - Low Failure

LH - Lower High
LL - Lower Low 
LT - Long Term
LN - lightning network . Allows simplified transactions via separate micropayment channels on the blockchain.
Long - a trade with the expcatation to sell an asset in the future with a higher price.
MA - Moving average
Mainnet - A blockchain with full functionality. Prove the ability of a project to develop a blockchain from the idea to the full implementation. 
Mcap - Market Capitalization. Often not really significant in the cryptosphere, because a few sell or buys can manipulate the cap.
Mining - Solve mathematical problems with computer power to create new blocks within the blockchain.
Mew - my ether wallet. A tool for displaying all erc20 tokens using your ethereum adress.
MoE – Medium of Exchange

Moon - The place every investor wants to be. When a coin increases so much in value that it makes the investor rich.
MS - multi signature.
Natasha - the girl we all desire and also Dman´s waifu
Nonce – Number Used Only Once, used in mining
Noob - Amateur or new trader
OB - Overbought
ORP - Opening Range Projections
OS - Oversold
Otc- Over The Counter
PA - Price Action
 - other word for pyramid scheme

PoA - proof of authority. Consensus mechanism within a private blockchain, that assigns the permission to create blocks to a special private key.
PoS - proof of stake. Coins are not created via mining. The amount of token an investor holds is important.
PoW - proof of work. Blocks within the blockchain are created by computing power via mining.
PT - Price Target

P&D - pump and dump. For further reading click here.
Rekt - When the coin you hold dumps badly

RoI - return on investment. A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare with other. roi = (Gain from Investment - Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment
RSI - relative strength index

Satoshi - the "father" of bitcoin and also the smallest bitcoin unit (0.00000001 btc).
SC - Smart Contract

Scam - another word for fraud
Shill - to praise something a bit too much and sometimes another word for hype
- Coin without potential value
Short - A short trade is initialized with selling an asset. An investor wants to repurchases it at a lower price in the future and realize profit.
SH - Swing Hing 
SL - Swing Low or stop loss, depening on the context
SEC - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It´s an independet federal government agency and responsible for protecting inspectors.
SON - Square of Nine
SoV – Store of value
 simplified payment verification. Method for verifying if a transactions is included in a block without downloading the entire block.
S/R - Support/Resistance
ST - Short Term
STO - Secure Token Offering
Swing - zig zag price movement
TA - technical analysis

TF - transaction fee. The fee you pay for your transaction that a miner gets to include your transaction in the next block.
TPS – Transactions Per Second within the blockchain
Volume - total amount of traded asset within a time frame
VSA - Volume Spread Analysis
Wallet - major term for a digital wallet
Weak Hand - coin holder prone to selling at the first sign of a price decrease
Whales - a big player in the crypto world with a LOT of money
WP – Whitepaper

2FA – Two Factor Authentication. A common security measure to safe your accounts and keys.

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