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    Do you Eat, Sleep, Think only Cryptos & Blockchain? Are you on a crypto website/ app most of the time? Do you check your portfolio first thing in the morning & last thing before you sleep? Ok got it. You are passionate about the whole Cryptocurrency/Blockchain theme. Well, I am too.

So, a famous saying goes as "Do what you Love & you will not work even a single Day". Of course that doesn't literally means not working. But that even though you will work, it will never seem like work.

    Think about this: as of today, there are about 2100 currencies, 1635 markets, 100s of Blogs, Podcasts, Telegram channels, Reddit communities about Blockchain or/and Cryptos. How do you think they remain active & famous? They need people to work effortlessly to maintain it. There are so many opportunities right now, with minimum competition, although it will intensify very soon.

    You can build your career as a Full-stack or Front-end Developer. You can assist in Analysis or Design UX/UI for a Cryptocurrency / Blockchain website. Not to forget to code an App or assist to set /use APIs to build BOTs or different tools to assist the investors.

    Hmm, did I hear you think out loud that you are not a technical person? Well, I am confidently assuming, you ARE reading my article on a website/app. That means you are technically sound enough to know how to use different websites/Apps. Also, the fact that you are reading THIS article, means you are aware of Cryptocurrencies / Blockchain. That goes to show we underestimate our technological know-how. But still, let's assume you are not a coder/programmer, there are still plenty of opportunities out there if your calling is in Cryptocurrencies or Blockchain.

    How do you think the dozens of crypto-news websites or Blogs are active? How do you think you can easily find so much content about crypto/blockchain? Well, it's written by someone (not coded) but actually typed. So, you can be a Blog writer, News writer, create a Podcast, etc. Once you build up followers, money will come by itself. But remember, it's already turning into an overcrowded domain. So you may need an extra flare/factor to succeed here. 

    Now what? you can't write? Not that well to become the next D Man? NO problem. The startups or even big crypto companies need people to handle their departments. Whether it's Operations, Marketing or Sales, machines have not taken over yet. There are still ample other opportunities to build a career in Cryptos/Blockchain. Try good job websites to search for a job.

    Yeah, do you have any more excuses? No worries, It's not over yet. Tell me, can you speak a local language? You can work in Customer service of a crypto company. Can you write a local language? Then try to work in back office/ email handling. Can you speak/write more than one language? Good, there is a huge demand for translating original content/white papers to the local language.

    Ok. You are commitment-phobic, so can't start a blog or work in a company. Well, I am not giving up & neither should you. Heard about freelancing? Yes. You can be your Boss. Work when you want, where you want, for whom you want. There are still 100s of posting on freelancing sites for developers, coders, customer service. Hell, even postings... where you advise people where to invest.

<a href='/wiki/blockchain/'>Blockchain</a> Whispers

Here are some resources for you to start:

Job sites:

Freelancing sites for crypto:

Most famous Jobs :
Blockchain Engineer or
Full-stack Developers
Front-end Developer
Operations, Marketing
UX/UI Design
Blog Writer
Customer Support and Sales

Remember, its a global opportunity. Which means it doesn't matter where you are based. You will find jobs/opportunities to be engrossed in this crypto verse & make a career out of it.

PS: If you think I missed something or if you can add value, Feel free to add the comments or edit to add.  Not a member yet to do that? Don't worry, click on Register, add your email & password and you are ready.



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