Bitcoin: Long-term price prediction

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Bitcoin: Long-term price prediction


Many “gurus” in the crypto space are always trying to predict what will be the future price of Bitcoin. Unexperienced investors usually believe this stuff but the truth is that no one can fully predict any financial market. I’m gonna tell you something, nobody really knows what will be the future price. However, we do know one thing; Bitcoin is very undervalued, the current price is far below the fair value calculation so we can assume it has the potential to go up one day.

Financial markets work as a cycle; you can rest assured that a bear market won’t last forever. But indeed bear markets make people feel incredible fear. The question is whether you can overcome the fear or not. People who don’t give in to fear and keep accumulating shares even in a bear market are the ones who ultimately become rich.


Therefore, I will make a suggestion to you the retail investor. Don’t focus on the future price, focus on accumulating units. When the next market cycle comes, you’ll be in a good position.  I guarantee you; professional crypto traders don’t give a crap about price predictions. These guys simply search for opportunities and act on them, even in a bear market there are a lot of opportunities.

You can accumulate BTC by trading on Bitmex or implementing a constant buying strategy like the one I talked about in my article about how to build wealth in crypto. Although there are other ways too.

Things to consider when you are in the crypto world:

  • Do not believe in “gurus” believe in yourself, believe in your own capacity to get better and learn all you can.
  • Don’t ever stop learning and convince yourself that you can do this.
  • Act upon the opportunities you find, don’t think too much.
  • If you feel afraid In this bear market remember that it won’t last forever.
  • Work with what you have, adapt to the current situation like a professional.
  • Be different


To be wealthy you can’t do the same as the masses, and the masses sold their holdings and left the market. Personally, I think anyone can build wealth in financial markets but you need to have common sense and a realistic point of view. And that’s the thing not everyone can look at things with that perspective but a person can learn if he or she keeps an open mind.

And at the end, I will give you one useful link for long term crypto wealth: How to build wealth in crypto (Long-term)


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