Best Crypto Resources For Everyone

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Best Crypto Resources For Everyone


There are 1000s of articles/resources on Cryptos & Blockchain. So which one should you be interested in?

Well, I have done the big dirty work of going through lots & loads of them, just for you & got some of the best lined up for you below. Let's Begin:


Blockchain Whispers

The way it is evolving constantly, I don't think going forward any crypto resource list will be complete without including this website. With sections ranging from CHAT to DART to WIKI to EARS to SIGNALS to TOP 100 COINS to BLOG to Portfolio and so much more, it's no surprise that I personally (no advert/promo here) find myself spending more time on it than any other resource I am going to mention below.

His collection of links, articles, websites on Bitcoin is EPIC. You may easily need months to go through all of the resources he mentioned on that 1 page. It's like an encyclopedia on Bitcoin.

The best crypto news aggregator I have come across. With this, you would no longer need to visit multiple news sites for all the important news. The fact that it has its own App works in its favor. It also has an option to bookmark or share news from the site/app itself.

The blockchain is the most trusted and fastest growing crypto company, helping millions across the globe have an easy and safe way to access cryptocurrencies. Here you can make a free wallet, check Bitcoin stats, Block details, Charts, Mining information & lots more within this single website.



My recommendation to see the price and other details of any coin of your choice. It allows you to even filter the coins as per Ranking, Market Cap & Circulating supply. Also, it has tools such as Calculators, Charts, Glossary & a useful resource to calculate your tax ie Historical Charts.


Portfolio by Cryptocompare

Though similar to CMC, its portfolio management, especially for beginners is way simpler & better. Apart from that, you can get information on Coins, Wallets, Mining, Exchanges, etc.

We deal with multiple passwords in our daily life. Now to make it further complicated, we have crypto wallets & exchanges. This is where Dashlane is so useful. With over 10 million customers in 180 countries, this is one of the famous & secure password generators around. I think considering the hacks in crypto world, 2FA & password generator is a must for everyone. 



Apart from BCW, maybe the only other website, I am a fan of is Binance. With plenty of trading pairs, their SAFU Fund, their native token BNB (which I believe has huge potential), Labs, Charity foundation, Academy, its no longer just an exchange. And I strongly feel that their soon to be launched DEX, will be the first commercially successful DEX.


Telegram / Reddit

These social media sites have become a go-to tools for investors & communities alike. Considering their popularity (Some of the communities have 100s of thousands of members), they are the best tools for sharing & learning in this crypto crazy verse. Also, a very good resource to promote your crypto project. 



I Know. You will definitely have some resources in your mind which I forgot to include. Kindly use the comments section or edit & feel free to add value to this Crypto Resource article. 



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