Why I Tell You Bull Even When I Expect Bear? It's actually more thinking about you than you...


I want you succeed!

And, first, most of traders here, who are not in premium yet, are new traders who can't afford it. Same traders don't understand the odds principle of investing that I am explaining in my posts and that I hope you get by now.

So, now I see about 30% chance of a strong dip before 12k. That strong dip would eliminate all longs and make folks go nuts.. my premiums got a lit of alts and prices at which to buy. You can do the same. However, why I tell you bullish?

Because if you fuck up and sell for USD and it goes up, you lost all the wait, patience, everything you put into crypto to have some btc before your neighbour.

Because it is bullish on the longer timeframe, which makes it almost sure win. It will get up, but not that surely it will get down.

So if I want you to win, I want you to focus on the big picture.

Before I was giving up to the dollar or ten dollars precise targets for btc, and you were quite impressed, even spooked with the accuracy. And then what happened, some guys would go and 100x that ranges...some whales would go the opposite direction, and it started causing guys with smallest portfolio, least benefit.

My design, goal, for this group is that it is free and it gives you an edge strong enough that you multiply your investment.

For that, you cannot sell your bitcoin, as before the bull run almost surely will be a fakeout on which you'd also want to sell.

To simplify: there are two roads:
Road one: you can make some gains if you sell and buy back the btc on time. if you miss any of those you're fucked.
Road two: you almost SURELY win. Bitcoin will go up: 1) institutions 2) ETF and shares 3) it's fucking incredible!

If you want to profit even in case it dips, then use what you know, that alts dip even further... so simply setup low buy orders on your favorite alts in event of a flash-crash. That way you will earn in both bear and bull times. Because bears if they don't go below 5900, they have done NOTHING... it makes no sense for them simply, it's useless gigantic sideways. So they either liquidate all those longs or better stop trying to resist the inevitable BULL RUN.

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