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Why Bitcoin Is (Very) Promising (And Merry Christmas!)

First of all, Mery Christmas to our Orthodox friends. Spend time with your families, love each other and focus on what truly matters.

What truly matters in Bitcoin world is the amount of holders that don't sell.

These are the stats:

BTC Yearly lows:

  • 2012 – $4
  • 2013 – $65
  • 2014 – $200
  • 2015 – $185
  • 2016 – $365
  • 2017 – $780
  • 2018 – $3200

Would you consider 2018 bad when you see this?

Consider 2018 as a gigantic accumulation, retracement and all in between. Unless the asset is completely dead, it should reach at least 50% of the price between yearly low and ATH. And even that makes it bullish from this standpoint.

2019 might be a slow year or the year of making miracle happening... the timing we can't affect, but 2020 is the next halving, the 2020 is when 2019 big progresses will be completed as we outlined here:

2019 is a good year for btc.

And this is our first message this year. 


Blockchain Whispers,