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The crypto market is a place where impatient investors transfer their money to the patient ones. Why? Because impatient investors buy during a pump blindly. They panic sell. They are willing to participate in pump and dumps. They sell long term holds because price went down 25% in the short term and ignore the timeframe presented before them. Worse of all impatient investors market buy and disregard what could go wrong. This damn "get-rich-quick" is a fraud. It's basically the source of "FOMO".

On the other hand patient investors know exactly that long term holds could go down 25% in the short term. They scale down their buy limits. They know BCW gems produce a minimum of 100%+ in the timeframe provided. Patient investors don't panic sell but embrace the dips by increasing their holdings and bag size. They killed the source of FOMO and understand that yes you can get rich, intelligently and with time.

Patient investors don't do "hodl" "moon" and all the other slang brought over from December. Such words are for those who live in denial and hope. Patient investors know for a fact that BCW gems are well researched and will hit the target.


Study these calls and others given here. Work on your entry, read the FA, form your opinions and know what you are investing in. Knowledge is power, act on it. If you are not a patient investor read BCW posts from the beginning and when done you will understand that patience is truly a virtue.

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