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Where Is Bitcoin Going, When To Sell Alts And Two Bitcoin Signals

Where Is Bitcoin Going, When To Sell Alts And Two Bitcoin Signals

Blockchain Whispers traders did an analysis, the most likely play is this:
we go up from around this area to around 5000 (4500-5500)
Then we go down again... this time stronger - to around 29xx (Binance)... and then we go up.

So here you got two bitcoin signals... at levels of 5x to look for short and at levels of 29xx to look for long. This, however, has to be confirmed on lower timeframes, but it serves as an excellent guidance for you.

The whole play can take up to 4 months to develop. So middle or end of March 2019 would start the bull cycle. The only way we get bull momentum sooner is if we close a daily candle 6500+ - this changes everything and can bring the bull cycle to us earlier.

I usually don't like to share these long-term views, but I think this situation is calling for it and you have too much uncertainty in the field and this is absolutely neccessary.

**What to do with your alts?**
Well, definitely don't sell now, and definitely don't sell at 3k level.
The safest path is - if you want to get rid of them is to do when we are around 5k+ levels... prior to our drop to 3k.

The riskier approach is to expect 6500 broken.. in that case don't even sell it - as it goes up to the moon.

So really, if you need to sell, don't sell here, we should go up a bit, sell then.






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Thanks for the update!
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Thanks big time man!
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D Man, I really enjoyed this article- keep them coming please!
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Loving the write up. We will prevail!!!!
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Good old Elliot wave theory? 
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Yes, because now the whole dynamic is passed - and it's back to old and simple rules of the chaos :)
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Thnx D