When you join premium here's what you can expect... 1) first the crazy signalling bot - he sends...

you messages about the signals and important calls we think will happen - it's our new tool and so far works like a charm.
2) our old channel - which now serves as a backup - where you can read some investment rules, some of our old picks, how it worked out etc etc. I send there stuff when it's something last second or when I'm on mobile or when drunk and forget how to use the bot... so you should monitor both.

Don't worry, one guy got all serious on Alfred "does he send signals drunk" - trust me, even drunk I can outperform your best trader - and when I SEND a signal doesn't mean that's when I got the IDEA for the signal... it's most times a team effort, and if I send it in 4 am - it's most likely because they are 'bugging' me as much as they are bugging you but I don't want you to lose the golden opportunity by not telling you hey - this fucker is out of accumulation now and about to explode.

Then you read all. As soon as you start reading you might quickly realize this is more valuable than what you've just paid. And that's what I love about it.

Then... you wait.

And bam! your first signal came today, tomorrow or in a three days - who knows -- now you feel you know you're in the know.

Congratulations, you're a premium member now. Get a feel out for calls - calls from Excavo react differently than Peter's calls or my calls from others... pick your favorites, and when you see double confidence like we had two recently,... well then you know it comes as our REAL favorite. (both picks won btw - fast and big!)

Then you have my chatter - and I'll focus more on my chatter in premium now as I'll be doing the research. This is one of the reasons I'm closing the doors for a while... so I can focus - answering daily messages got out of control, and although it doesn't make much business sense - I actually think I'll be able to provide better service to premiums and if I am now 50 miles ahead of my second competitor, now I'll be 65, gathering edge one bit at a time...

You should follow my chat because it gives you a feel of the market, the more closely you follow the more, smarter decisions you can make. Some premiums even tell me they feel out the reasoning behind the calls, and win even more...

What else? Well... yes, on 15th April, I am going to give Premiums one gem... one fucking awesome gem - it's a coin, available right now... but I love that fucker... I'll be surprised if it doesnt' 3-5x this year, for set and forget.

A couple more hours left, you know what to do.

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