When Will Bitcoin Become CONFIRMED Bullish?

I think about you, and mistakes you might have make while waiting for bullish bitcoin.

If you read my 1000th post
- you know the ranges, but if you haven't read it CAREFULLY, you might have missed out when the BTC will surely become bullish.

Before I tell you, here are D man's rules to know:

  1. Bitcoin goes and always will go in a Zig-Zag pattern, meaning, even the most notorious bull run has some pauses, breaks, and even moments of weakness in between. So STOP and forget thinking of a straight line... or that if the number I tell you is crossed that it never goes under it even for a second.
  2. This what I will tell you does NOT include wicks. Manipulation wicks can happen whenever, and mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I made this as simple for you as possible, I stripped it down to a simple 1hr candle closure. If hourly candle closes above that, you know we are bullish.

Okay, if you read the 1000th post you know we might go as high as 62xx before the fall again... 

The number, when you will know Bitcoin is truly bulish without having to wait much for the move is $7001 - if we go, and close above that, it is confirmed two things: 

1) Bitcoin is NOT a dead asset

2) There is Trillion dollars + power interested in Bitcoin

3) We are going for at least 20k. More probably 60-80k.

I do have a pretty solid idea where Bitcoin will go and reach, and it is the next bull phase goes to around 95k and then might drop down all the way to 20k.


Only one thing matters for you in this article and that is $7001+ 1hr candle close = bullish

Everything else bearish.


Who cares for you?
That's right, your brother D!

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▲ Mr. T
  • 197
7m ago
Nice D man !!! I love this one even better than the 1000th post I was so grateful for !!! I wich you the best Sir
  • 378
7m ago
Love it! Thanks for your hard work & wisdom sharing, D Man.
  • 20
7m ago
Now I know why your name is D Man... because u d man!
  • 194
7m ago
Thanks for sharing this analysis. Information is key. Own hard work too for sure. Feeling stronger and more confident now.
  • 283
7m ago
What a precise timely reminder and a simple summary of when Bitcoin will become bullish. Thanks a million!!!
  • 63
7m ago
Any ideea bout this sideways choop duration...when you’ll think we gonna start making some higher highs?
  • 97
7m ago
I know you well enough now to know that this is your lingo for "Bitcoin is about to break out!"
  • 259
7m ago
Thanks for the care, bro! :*
  • 54
7m ago
Awesome Keep this train rolling, I dont know about others but I'm spread eagle on the roof waiting for the steam engine turn to a warp drive locomotive.. BW always in heart and mind.
  • 877
7m ago
The way I like it. Simple. Recommended for everyone reading my comment.. Read https://blockchainwhispers.com/bitcoin-price/ Then 1000th post by DMan. Then come back & read this article. You will love the flow & it all will do much sense
  • 173
7m ago
You ROCK bro.. YOU make crypto bullish, Thanks! Natasha is starting get warm :-D
  • 79
7m ago
That's simple enough Dman, thank you brother!
  • 67
7m ago
D Man, the man! Now I have to pull up the charts and try to see what you saw. Rest assured, I'll find it
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
Actually, I went a bit loose here - just in case of wicks and bullshits that guys don't go nuts and enter at the top. 62-68xx is range where it still can go down - and 7k round is round figure which might be coming with big orders and 7001 once broken it's not only TA and fundamentals based but also psychological, so that's ideal for the group like this one to remember as after that - there is no more 3k and we go for at least 20k