What happens now... I realized members here have different levels of experience, and I want to...

bring you all on the same page. Now, you have two choices:
1) get out of crypto for the a couple of months... or even if g20 concludes shit even for over a year.
2) Invest only what you're able to afford and let's play the game to the best with cards we are being dealt.
This is what I, after consulting with a team expect. The bitcoin is not yet done falling. There are going to be temporary recoveries even spikes, followed by another due to g20.

Today for the first time ever Japanese law enforcement raided crypto exchange.

This is new. And Japan is one of the 4 greatest markets.

IF you are in Premium with us, you'll be able to enjoy some profit spikes, however the ride is going to be more volatile than you ever experienced in 2017. Most people will lose in first half of this year because it is not a war pick vs pick. It is of people vs the controlling government.

We can ride the waves, profit on changes, however, disregarding 20-30% bitcoin drop - if you need to sell all, sell all, and get out of the game. IF you are here like a true investor, investing what you CAN afford, then stick with me, we will survive and profit together.

This is important news for the benefit of the crypto and so consize it's hard to get on the internet, so I will share this with a free group as well. Because at the end of day, we are all building this free-from-regulations, digital money together, so we fight together.

In summary: get out if you are in with money you can't afford to lose.
Join us and let's ride the waves together if you can - the odds are we will profit wildly a couple of times between the spikes.

Premium group will get soon one piece of info about buying points, selling, how we will profit fast etc. Thank you.

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