What Does The Most Accurate Channel Do When It Makes A Stupid Inaccurate Call?

if you follow Sicario cartel, you made in less than two months, 274% profit from the free calls.

But what does it happen when a call gets stopped?

It happened three times already. Out of sixteen good calls.

What you do is Analyze and take lessons. What was avoidable and what wasn't.

The most recent, Bitcoin Cash was a stupid call in itself.

I (D), got into a discussion with a team about BCH and TA based, yes, BCH was to be shorted, but Fundamental analysis always beats technical, and there was no reason for it to dip strongly down, at least not good enough reason to signal a short. It was the perfect no entry trade or take profit from long if you were in from the dip (like we were in Premium).

So Sicario came to me before the bed and said: "Signal this! It's going to go down hard, making us big gains!)...

and I was like three times: "but what you base the call at" and it should have been my big red flag when I got the answer: "TA" and I'd ask what you mean and to get answer "TA is technical analysis"...


Well, I know what TA is... I didn't know that they don't know what FA is. And it seems right. Sicario never did a call based on fundamentals analysis. They trade the hardest asset accurately of all, Bitcoin, on leverage... because they have findings into patterns that work well in these times. I have never seen them trade based on news, except for call cancellation. I have noticed whenever some big news like when Bakkt released the date (12th December), Sicario got out of positions to see how it develops.

My team did the analysis on bch and it was a clear no trade... but Sicario confidence, track record got me to do a mistake - to announce it because of fear my premiums will miss out on huge gains... Sicario call I didn't agree on.

Note: it wasn't a mistake that I let Sicario team post it on the calculator page - it's free and it's their track record. It's a mistake, I got sucked in for Premiums disregarding the previous analysis.

So what you do on a losing (stupid) call... 

you take notes, you take lessons. The more accurate lessons you take, the faster you will develop into being unbeatable. And when you do it, then you continue with lessons, because you will never be 100% accurate, but when you find that mistake that was unavoidable and that you can spot, this is the reason to celebrate, because it just got you one level further into accuracy, success and profit.



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2 years ago ago
2 years ago ago
Thanks for the post. I learned an expensive lesson. Got burned on this one when the pump blew through my stop.
2 years ago ago
Well only by taking a chance and letting it ride I am still in it. Dman tought me if your going to let it ride just adjust your stop-Limit. I did that on this one only because I thought it still might keep going for sometime. The 15th something about the 15th with BCC. 
2 years ago ago
I got burned too. Renter and loss more...
mistake learnt
2 years ago ago
The most recent call is achievable? 
2 years ago ago
always learning from you. thank you
2 years ago ago
Yes man I got trashed with this call.i learnt a very valuable lesson.
2 years ago ago
Blown out too.  I had a good ask in and lowered it on the call.   My gut said don't, but I did it anyway.   Lesson learned.   Trust my FA and my gut.    It'll dip.   With a little luck, the trade will break even.   
Thanks Dman.    You are helping me learn that my own DD and gut are trustworthy barometers.
2 years ago ago
I'm in nice profit on the trade.   Bought back, and have set another short position, expecting more downside action.   
Thanks Dman.