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What do I think about Ripple (XRP)?

First of all Ripple (XRP) is a shitcoin. It is not needed.

It's products would work regardless of Ripple (XRP) price.

However, this is crypto market, and you must understand the difference - it doesn't show real value, it shows market sentiment in this revolution.

I think short to mid term Ripple (XRP) will grow. It has good news ahead... I mean, when in stocks or gold investment Snoop Dogg thing would be considered news... but in this world, remember Messi and SRN. The things are bullish from crypto perspective.

I see it up short/mid term, a good sell is at 124000

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P.S. XLM will breakout as well, should... based on charts. you want daytrading - there you go - hints and stuff for you to do research and rock it. Some who can't read more than one paragraph — they see just one call here... those who read in full just saw about XLM as well. D loves you, especially my most loyal followers.