Your Portfolio:

What bear times, let's make more profit: We set limit buy order at 6130 50% and 6200,...


15x leverage

T1 - $6573
T2 - $6765
T3 - $6869

SL- $5990 r:r -3.32

The trade is invalid IF we break above 6600

to determine the size of your position...
Respect stoploss.

Note: here you are doing micro trades that are part of one bigger movement... I want to see you how we do it aggressively (of course, we don't do it always like that, but I want to help as many people, loyal followers here to recover from the effects of this bear season and get you to hold your btc so that one day you happily remember some D man out there and Blockchain Whispers).

In these micro trades, we put odds in our favor and our edge of understanding the big move. These trades are not 100% certain, but the odds are good that even when we get stopped we lose less, and when we gain we gain more, and with our accuracy it becomes very favorable to play as often as possible as if we get + 7 and - 3 it is still +4.

Always think in terms of odds. We have risk to reward in our favor and our accuracy, meaning huge edge.