What A Terrible Losers (My Rant + Need Your Comment)

I am still learning about types of people in crypto.

I will tell you, hat down to good people, after all I am doing this for good people and our BCW community.

However, there are some so lame, so ugly, so I don't know how to describe those bad losers—-

At first it was the channel owners that would do all kinds of ugly stunts when they saw us growing rapidly in following. Lie, threat, backstab,...

We outgrew them all. Now they are quiet.

Then there would be some little rats, that would come every once in a while trying to appear big or significant — like who gives a fuck man - do your own thing. I don't care, I for sure won't do something to make you achieve your dream harder... I will help if I can, and ignore if I can't or won't.

What's up with guys - listen to this... two idiots came, they didn't qualify one was mad because he came LATE to DART; he discovered it late; and because I closed the qualifications early according to him. He called me a pussy. Alright.

Yes, it requires big balls to keep qualifications open for longer, lol. :rolleyes:

So I should have done what? wait for every new guy to pop and keep qualifications open until he says he is ready? It would take forever - some people think they are the only ones that matter - usually the biggest idiots of them all. No sane person will come to you and ask you that you should have waited for him and that you're a pussy because you didn't wait for the guy that was LATE to even discover DART (so not a loyal follower).

Another one traded, he had -200% (a negative two hundred!) approx - that's a fucking achievement over 10 qualifying trades... he had so idiotic trades that people were laughing at him that checked his trades later. The guy 'hacked' hearts system, so he would write bullshit and put many likes to him like "fake propaganda".

It reminds me of yet another idiot back in the days... when a guy was so green of envy and jealousy of what we are doing here and the following we have that he suggested me "like a friend I suggest you that you close your channel".

Well those little rats..

What is it in human being that it makes them like that?

A follower, a good Blockchain Whispers family member says: "D, you have tens of thousands of people following you, everybody knows who Blockchain Whispers is in crypto, put a group of that many people in one room and surely you'll find a couple idiots, focus on us good guys" - and he is right... I just don't stress, I am more like fascinated, how their minds work?

What do they think they will achieve by talking shit about Mark Zuckerberg for example? Jackie Chan (by the way a great great guy!)?

And there is shit about EVERY and ALL high achiever in the world - every:
Bill Gates - an idiot who can't code
Mark Zuckerberg - an idiot who stole Facebook
Jackie Chan - he can't fight
Trump - the list gets too big
Justin Bieber - to me also the guy looks too girly, but so what - he achieved it, he has his public, I don't listen to him, and I don't watch him... why bother

... about all top achieving guys there is some jealous idiot talking shit.

IS this a way for misreable people to try to look important?

I gave help to every channel owner that approached me that I could help. Who I couldn't / wouldn't I didn't even dream of hurting.

But I got (especially at the beginnings) so many ugly messages, that I think I can get only from some fat all-pimply 40yr old still-virgin, behind-the-screen-only warrior, who hides in his chair yelling at his mom with whom he still lives with .

Eventually, even the biggest idiots realized we aren't going anywhere. Their miserable channels won't be anywhere near the size of BCW and especially their following doesn't have one iota of respect that BCW followers have for me - all earned.

(and thank you for it).

So what is it in people? Comment as I can't get it. I might be good at making this our crypto homepage, but I am not good at understanding a wide array of people especially of sorts that I could never respect.

Psychologists... your help needed!


On the other hand - I get amazing, amazing, greater than I could ever expect people (one guy the other day sent me our litecoin report translated in Spanish - he said it's valuable and that the community would benefit it). People, good people translated out book into almost 40 languages. People like this, good people, make Blockchain Whispers, and this is what they, the idiots, even the whole crypto industry outside cannot understand. They call Blockchain Whispers phenomenon -- well this is just the beginning.

If ten barking dogs in our beginnings didn't break us... surely two weak mouses won't bother us now that we are here. Just a topic of argument and how some people truly don't deserve to make it in their lives because they are doing all the wrong things... and yet some... should just wait for the day for their reward to reach them. It's already packed, shipped... and time just for the right moment to come when you will reap-in all the benefits karma, hard work, and focus have to offer. Cheers!


Comment. Thanks!

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  • 86
7m ago
Well. It's 2019, everybody has an opinion and it's often just garbage. 90% hate and useless stuff to make themselves feel better. It will get worse. Milennials are going to fck up the Internet communication even more.
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
yes -- parenting became 'forbidden'. Kids sue parents. What else to say...
  • 182
7m ago
Exactly. In my opinion, this kind of behaviour comes 95% from education and 5% from psychiatric/psychologic illness. Sadly, in most cases it's hard or impossible to fix/heal without professional help, so the main option here, as everybody mentioned already, is to not grant them the attention they request. Here in Spain we say: "Best disregard is to NOT regard". I guess the bigger it grows your site, the more chances to find any kind of people, including those, of course. Anyway, I think karma will always prevail, so I'm sure if you have any bad experience like this hack, the universe will make amends to compensate. You're doing great with BCW, so you're making it too easy for karma to help you. ;) Cheers!
▲ Mr. T
  • 197
7m ago
"the dogs bark, the caravanne passes" :) do not take attention to them, they don't deserve it Sir D Man
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
Good saying my friend! Thank you.
  • 340
7m ago
High trees catch a lot of wind, we say in Holland. Feel sorry for the mouse..
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
Good saying. I didn't know this one. Thank you.
  • 211
7m ago
Fak em, as you say don't like it don't pay attention, people seem to bitch more and more these days. I really like what you did here and that's why we are here man. Thx D
  • 304
7m ago
I call this kind of situations a “test of focused”. How focused are you? How bad do you want it? Are you sure about what you are doing? Are you really helping others? I learn thought many and MANY mistakes that there comes a point in life, where to do great things, you must not let the mediocracy of others get to you. Yes, you will make many mistakes, so what, people are afraid to do anything out of failure. Now a days, everybody is a profesional at everything. Many, just think about themselves and their glory. They are Selfish, egoistic, envious, frustrated, ect. Brother, you will have many other challenges coming to you, and also great moments of ecstasy and bliss. Why? because you fought, you followed your dreams and you will look back and realize that the greatest gift is the experiences and journey. Fuck the glory, fuck the rest of the people. Just make your journey and be present, It will be epic. This is life, not measure by what you have, but what you did out of unselfish reasons for others.
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
Thank you.
  • 194
7m ago
We do not grow by crushing others, try love and humility. That's the way I try to raise my kids. Best lesson ever.
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
important things yes.
  • 207
7m ago
Hello Dman, was nice reading.. -people through bad words having different reasons: jealousy, stupidity, angry of not being your level, trolls and many more don't waste time on that just ask your developers to focus on the security of the platform, and keep growing the family -I am not yet a trader, I just keep on reading day by day 95% of everything you write, and it get's in to my blood, brain, heart and soul. (I never stop spanking Natasha) -All I really want, and I ask, and I beg you (even I know you don't have free time) - Please start writing a book... a book for dummies like me, for beginners in trading, from zero - but with your own words -I believe that if I learn from a book written with Dman's words, this is my chance to understand everything and become a top trader like you and the over guys (damn I want to become financial independent, and have 1000 BTC in my wallet asap)... and I am sure this will create a new generation of professional traders - the new generation of BCW children !! thank you D
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
Thank you brother. And I am sure Natasha thanks you too for all the spanking. Did you read my book? Amazon: Blockchain Decrypted for 2018 ? I don't plan another book as we have so much work to do with BCW development, but who knows.
  • 207
7m ago
Of course I did read it :) the universe loves you brother D Man Best!
  • 126
7m ago
Eeyy, I cant like the article! Exactly how we should cut ties to toxic friends/people.
  • 206
7m ago
Hey D Man, there is always going to be people hating, don't let them get you down, what you built here is awesome, check how many people follow you and learn from you. There always will be people unsatisfied about stuff, pay no attention to them. Keep it up brother!
  • 320
7m ago
In Switzerland there is a saying: pity is for free... but you need to work for jealousy. From my point of view it's a problem of the mindset of people. If you want to become rich you shouldn't hate the rich. You shouldn't hate it when some billionaire drives a bugatti and you need to have your car repaired or are dependant of public transportation. If you manage to not hate what you wish for... you'll get chances to get there. Sounds bipolar maybe - I know. But many people are jealous of rich, successful people like you state in your text... hate every inch of them... (Roger Federer for instance is one of the most admired athletes throughout the whole world... but here in Switzerland a lot of people are jealous and can't stand to see his face in commercials. Yet he is nice to everyone and humble, still a TOP player despite his age and family status (4 children!)) But those haters want him to retire asap. To what benefit? He plays because he LOVES IT, he already has more than enough money, so money can't be the reason he still competes. Why should he not get paid when he wins? A lot of spectators love to see his magic on the court. And I am one of them. If you do what you love - success will come. I wish you and your (our!) BCW-channel all the best in the coming bullrun. Thank you for all the work and effort you put in this gem. Keep on doing it and never look back (down). No time to waste on the dirtbags trying to pull you down to their level. Cheers!
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
wow, what a wonderful, inspirational, wise advice. Thank you!
  • 487
7m ago
My friend, there is always and there will always be jealousy around. And jealousy is the way of showing you how good you are, that you have or do something that others don´t have or do. You are absolutely right. The best are always being bitched about from whom? From LOSERS. If you want to get ahead in live you try to learn from the best, from the most successful. You look for a mentor that is better then you. For me it was tough to get into BW because of the fee and when you decided to help your community through this bear market it was like a present from heaven. It is not only about financial gains in your channel. But is about the invaluable information, especially education you give and people can learn, if they really want to. D-Man you have proven over and over again to be willing to take shit, to dig deep, to get better and better, even on costs of your health. Anybody else would have given up and said. What the hell!!! With what I have, I can do enough for myself. But you? Out of whatever reason you keep going. That makes you special. Even as I do not know you in person and who knows if I ever will, but I know something. In life real friends, those ones that go with you through thick and thin, you can count on one hand and there will be fingers left. And you D-Man are one of those special friends. I call you my friend!!! Thank you !!!
  • 191
7m ago
D Man, you can never reason with unreasonable people.... it's really that simple. Keep up the great work!
  • 87
7m ago
Keep your head up and keep moving forward! They hate us cuz they ain't us! U d man!
  • 877
7m ago
It's surprising but a bitter truth that some people are so unreasonable when you try to do something for them. Add if it was our responsibility to keep doing things in their favour. No worries. There will always be haters & cheaters. Your hard work & dedication has motivated all of us to continue. I am certain we (the loyal followers of your masterpiece BCW2. 0) will outnumber these rats 1000 to 1.
Hugh Peggins
  • 133
7m ago
There is one one thing that pools such kind of miserable people: "Lack of Awareness". They don't get to decide their own actions: instead, they are acted upon by their subconscious, which is driving them into all sorts of auful endeavours. To put it simply, they don't know what they're doing, and since it's easier (and readily rewarding) to recognize other people's faults (real or imaginary) than one's own substantial miseries, keep go on hatin'.