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We never prostitute it - no cross-promos about things we don't believe in, no old news that's been released by major publications already.

We focus on accuracy.

Since we started, we had 17 accurate picks in a row, making you - here - publicly over 3400% in profits. All recorder in this channel with tamper-proof timestamps.

Then we had a mistake with one pick (poll) that misadvertised token burn (it will be profitable, but in May, so we counted it as a loss) It lost about 7%. Three days after that losing pick, we recovered it by a pick that did 10%+ profit, and that one we didn't count as a win, just to make up to you.

After that we had 8 more picks - all spot-on.

Since then we brought in other experts in the team - one of leading statistics professors PHD in statistics - over 10 years working in the Financial Department at the university; Human-Psychology based analyst; Wall Street day trader (and that's just our addon in February - to the current team.

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This channel is designed to serve two purposes:

Grow crypto community by showing you good coins and trades in the sea of possibilities, and...
To demonstrate our accuracy, quality and credibility to get you join into 8 levels more advanced, our Premium channel.

So I encourage you to read through the channel. You will notice my honest-to-the-bone language. People either LOVE it or hate it. Those who stay, become our loyal, elite crypto-family members.

This channel is to stay free forever.

Use it to convince yourself, and from time to time - the link to our free crypto discussions channel is shared - you can join there too.

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and contact @cryptoalfred with:
1) your telegram username
2) your tx id (will be generated after you send the transfer)

@cryptoalfred is an accountant - so picks-related questions to him are the same
as asking the lady at your groceries store.

When you buy premium access, you buy access to the Premium research, calls,
info. You do not get access to me, as answering you all personally isn't humanly-possible.

You do NOT buy a portfolio management.

If you are over 30 BTC - we have a fund management, if you're interested in that, contact
me at @unicornmaster

With that said - I welcome you to the Official Blockchain Whispers Channel!


P.S. Many people ask me before joining Premium channel, at what exhanges are our picks. Why don't you just open an account on all of them? For big cap picks Binance is fine, however for coins that are about to grow big, you need to catch them prior they are added to Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex,... so please register at all exchanges you can. Especially: gate.io, huobi pro, poloniex.

For any clarification regarding joining our Premium signals channel, contact @cryptoalfred

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