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We tend to be too little self-critical. Taking too little responsibility. The moment I discovered...

that I said, I am stopping hand holding... I had 17 accurate calls in a row and on the first failed guys messaged me calling me for accountability — I told them to fuck off... they would not share their winnings with me, why are they bitching about hteir losses,... it's a loss-loss situation for me, why give his info?

I do it for good people, as I know many good folks in here, great guys. And for you I do it. However I make things clear, I want to be your EDGE, not your entire trade.

See the example above...

People say, but D man said go in btc and now it's -6%...
yes, but that same d man warned you about ETH, so most of you following converted your eth for btc and avoid these days of eth dips....

Be responsible, and know who your friends are.

We are faster than funds!
We are faster than huge corporate analysis teams
We are Blockchain Whispers

Re-read the state of Ethereum post (scroll a bit above).

It is just a begining, every chart has ups and downs... eth won't go down in one go.... it can take months... up to a year... but if they don't fix it — it will be way lower than it is...

For eth to go to zero, a bunch of shittier alts must fall to zero first... eth has time, but eth moves the direction... and our post warned about the problems facing Ethereum in the future.

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