We Should Talk... Crypto Misconceptions You Should Know

Right now the bitcoin is falling down. Falling rapidly for ages. The entire 2018 was bearish.
When it was 16k I told you - get out - it's going down - if you have any money you cannot afford to play with, get out.

After April and health issues I personally stopped trading and then it was my hunt to bring you the best, most accurate team in the world. 

It went bumpy.

I had to fight and work harder than ever to make sure idiots I was testing, all big name celebrities failing one by one - that they are not affecting your portfolio much and that I notice on time when good trader turns bad... and also that I find someone who is good in these periods.

I am proud with my current team now. I still want to improve it, but in times when everyone packed their bags and disappeared, we are here, putting our face on the line and going through the storm with you.

Speaking of packing the bags...

You know there is no one more bullish in bitcoin when it's the hardest than me.

I never gave fud, however my duty first and foremost is to you.

And I want to inform you of the risks associated with your crypto dream.

Busting Masses Myth #1 - "Bitcoin was 19k, it has to go..." - it doesn't.

Bitcoin doesn't have to go ANYWHERE technically... it can stay and trade at 3k range forever...until... one of the big news in our Bitcoin in 2019 article happens.

The only thing that HAS TO bring the value of bitcoin up is mass adoption, and bigger demand. And it happens in two ways: institutional money or mass adoption (able to pay a toilet paper with btc).

I do hope you read our fundamental analysis article I posted yesterday... let me get you the link if you haven't - Bitcoin in 2019
here you go.

It explains the steps that basically lead to the increased demand:
Bakkt and ETF to institutional money coming in... 

Layer2 and all other listed technologies to - making bitcoin attractive for general use and mass adoption.

Obviously, technologies need to be built and institutional things just put into use, and we have the approximate roadmaps for both of them in 2019.

Bitcoin is hurt now. Very much so as is the entire crypto. I do not think it's going anywhere, and I still believe in it - however, you must be informed. Technically it does NOT have to go up until one of the news from the fundamental analysis (the link given above)... comes into FULL execution.

This means if ETF is rejected... and all the technologies take a delay... the entire 2019 can be miserable-low level sideways. 

However, I always have another principle in mind - and that is - following the big wallets.
They know things we don't. And I don't need to know what is it to know that second half of January institutions are eyeing on btc and crypto - from nasdaq and bakkt... etf just after that,... it's the perfect line up.

Bakkt was't delayed because of technological reasons. Don't think that for a second. They delayed it because they knew the crypto is going down and they need it bullish so they can kick ass and make the effect. Hundreds of millions of dollars they spent in preparation - don't think they don't know.

So, many people now await 2900 levels... we were early... but now, the more people see it the less odds are it happening. It leads us to...

Myth #2 - It goes to 3k then up
Bitcoin will go where it's least expected to go thus making biggest profits for pros - and skimming retail money dry.

It can go to 2900 and then break it below. It's one scenario.
It can go to 2900 and break it and then break it further (intentionally not giving you price points here).
Or it can go up to 43xx levels and start ranging from 43xx to 33xx making the lows already made and making the bottom.

The path everybody expects is least likely to happen in crypto. And it can happen as we go - for example, we can see now a good price point.... and then twitter starts talking about it, then everyone starts talking about it... what happens then?

You got it. It changes because it becomes unattractive to the whales.

Thank you for reading, wanted to give you perspectives so you can prepare yourself, your strategy and approach to crypto better.



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