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We promised you one call.. #GNT Double bottom on 4h and 1h Charts with Support at 6600, Histogram...

Momentum Shift and Oversold stoch.

Currently 6690

Buy Area 6600-6800

ETA: 5-7 Days
T1: 7200 9.9%
T2: 7800 19%

Confidense: 2


Highly likely this plays out, Volume Squeeze at a dead low. Double bottom is clear. Slowly creeping up. Sellers should be exhausted. Tight Accumulation at 6500-6700


Bearish Market (More likely to break down support in bearish market if BTC moves down)No Hype, News or Market interest currently. BTC Undecided.

Final Comments: In a bullish Market this would be the go to setup. However with unsure sentiment and direction of the market, One must be prepared for it to go bad. Pros Outweigh The Cons here