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We have a fundamentals news channel at: That is done in partnership...

with great fundamentals analysts including the famous Mr. Y

It is a separate channel because it's different:
short and to the point fundamentals, and important, selected news only, designed so that in five minutes a day you get the important news of the crypto day

It started recently and already has an incredibly active audience, and
the team already published the news faster than Coin Telegraph, CoinDesk... and such.

The speed is not the priority on Blockchain Whispers Fundamentals channel, it is the extraction of the stuff and insights that matter.

It is free to stay, funded by advertising income only.

Go ahead and join:

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Blockchain Whispers Fundamentals channel you can pin without notifications so you go and see when you want to get updated with crypto news that matter.


P.S. By the way, many people asked for, zero got their ads placed on Blockchain Whispers (here)... this Fundamentals Channel is the closest thing to getting your ads placed on Blockchain Whispers and it gets started next week. Scroll through the news to get the feel if you have something crypto-related to promote.

P.P.S. Please do not send enquiries about the advertising to me as I am not the decision maker for the channel. I do however highly recommend it because they agreed to specific quality guidelines that ensure me you will benefit from it. And I am advisor with the veto-power that ensures the name and the concept always remains beneficial to you. Great team, following Blockchain Whispers value-first strategy, really passionate. Go ahead and join, I'd say it's too valuable to miss out: