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We are proud to announce The NUMBER ONE Top Crypto Trader, EXCAVO Exclusively Joining Team...

Blockchain Whispers!

When you go to - a professional charting tool, there is no professional that doesn't know EXCAVO.

Whales are following him with thousands of bitcoins on his calls.

For example, ICONOMI, on first March he announced - trading volume was 14 BTC - after his announcement - it spiked to a whopping 2640BTC

And it is one random example.

The only place where you can get his signals is not anymore even his group - it is exclusively here on as new part of our Premium group.

Now our teams joined forces - we are not doubling, but TRIPLING in strength.

Expect more. You're in good hands,


P.S. He is not best trader this week, this month, he is all time number one cryptocurrencies top trader! And he is part of BlockchainWhispers team.

P.P.S. Another example - Iconomi stayed 3 days on top of Binance after his announcement. But of course you will not get a chance to pump and dump. You will get a chance to trade like real investors I teach you to be. He built his charts out of zero based on accuracy when he had no followers - meaning, his principles work. And accuracy is what Blockchain Whispers is known for.