War Plan In Event Of A Flash Crash If you followed my advice you'd be holding just btc now without...

War Plan In Event Of A Flash Crash
If you followed my advice you'd be holding just btc now without any worry and some tezos.

In event of a flash crash both the value of your btc and tezos will fall.

Bitcoin will never stay at 3k, 4.5k,... or such value, and tezos will take like three days more to recover. If you don't like it, it's still at the entry price, you can exit — if you don't have what it takes to be an investor...

If you do, congrats, because this is what you can do:
1) setup lower buy orders in case one of top alts gets bought at a bargain. I won't give you pricings, as that is something I do for premiums, but if you put in some homework, you can put 20-30-50% lower orders... and voila!

IF you manage to buy that alt under such flash crash - it's pretty much a jackpot.

At one moment, it should all start going up... now or later, I don't know, and you want to be in good positions.

There are guys messaging me about pundi... what about it?
I told you when to enter and when to exit and you made 20x, 2,000%!

Only greed or complete misunderstanding of the market can make you hold it further expecting it to go up higher, much higher than it was.

Remember who told you FIRST that the money is getting out of alts and that some alts will not recover and will start falling to zero.

(now before you panic, I don't talk about top 20 alts... yet!)

Remember who called too early though 6,000 levels

Fundamentally we have an edge, a huge edge.

Technically, on a day trading level - there is one thing I believe you should know about...

There Is A New Sheriff In Tow

And this time it belongs to a high-tech group that has an AI bot with big volume liquidating up and down before making any move. It changed the way the game is played that's why even technical analysts that get the right momentum, hit their own stops before it starts going in that momentum. Old charting styles don't work anymore, and it started like 2-3 months ago.

It is ever adaptable, and it's designed to fuck you in the ass...

So why fundamentally we have an edge?

Because, you see, the bot can do whatever it wants, there are certain things it can't accomplish. The markets always follow futures/leveraged markets... but not completely... The bot can't fuck you by dipping to 1k for example on bitmex and expecting it to dip as well on binance... there are too many buy orders at those levels (and now if you follow my advice, you should setup some, for the free ride... set some at 4.5k btc, 3k,... 5.4k...)

So the game plan:
In event of a strong dip down, you hold tight. Don't even attempt going to usd, as you might be late on buying it back.
Remember, they want to discourage you, to have you lose all your hope... and they won't stop until you do so. And once you do so, the bull run will show it's green huge candles.

You already know why. You already know that institutions want to buy low. You already know that the wealthy groups want to control the world the same way they managed to control banking world... You think they will let you beat them and tell them how much money they have?

Think again please.

So, while others WILL panic, while many ARE leaving crypto... crypto is far from over, it's just the beginning... and that's why we, the Blockchain Whispers (you included!), prepare in advance, we don't know how much the enemy will be shooting, bullets are flying down the street... but you're in bullet proof, air-conditioned, cousy position in Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is what they want, and as long as you don't sell them Bitcoin, eventually they will run out of bullets, and they will stop shooting... and then... we will win!

So don't come panic to me, D man - it's crashing, my alt iota is crashing... D man told you btc and tezos and prepared you in advance of an upcomming dip possibility to hold tight as it is going back up, and we are sailing strong.

D is here with you, however you are here with me... because if you refuse to sell your Bitcoins to those assholes out there, we will have market of the people, AND the institutions for things that matter... but if we sell our btc, we just become on a larger pictures slaves to whom others limit income, monitor us and even control that income we have in terms of how and when it will be worth. Your money in a bank is not your money. Fiat is printed by the banks. Fiat is inflatory. Don't sell your bitcoin. Tell Fuck D man, tell fuck crypto, but don't sell your Bitcoin! One day, you will be glad you didn't. And now, distract yourself or if you're emotionally strong enough, watch the journey! 2 years from now, you are a happy man 6 months from now, you're probably happy 3 days from now, you're probably crying while they shoot their bullets near your head, as they know, they can't get you to surrender unless you, willingly, decide to sell your bitcoin and justify yourself with charting or bullshit. Bitcoin is produced in LIMITED quantity. And you have some. Do the math. Love, D

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