Volatility Incoming! Today!

Before I go to sleep and dream about hot natashas dancing for me, I wanted to give you an update for today. Forget high leverage positions, the volatility is on the horizon today, many people with high leverage will be liquidated... and... if you play it smart, you'll also use it as an opportunity.

My advice is find your good entries into alts.

Alts are about to explode (talk weeks not seconds, for those impatient, but it can start any day now).

I gave you one good alt here for free: XLM is really bullish.

I gave you the rest in premium.

The Premium waiting list should be taken off today sometime, so contact @cryptoalfred on Telegram regarding that.

Our Free chat is on the maintenance today, servers upgrading, so don't worry, you'll be with your crypto friends soon.

This is an update. I'm off to bed. 8.52AM Paris time.



oh, hey Natasha, there you are!