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UTK still rewarding your trust as you can see :) Lately basically when Blockchain Whispers makes a...

call that coin immediately becomes a top 3 gainer on Binance. When Blockchain Whispers announces a gem, it breaks the charts, and this is possible not because of me, but because of you because I have the most loyal following in crypto. Thank you for that, and that answers why I work 16-18hr days aggressively- as my thanks to you.

Almost every smaller coin announcement we make we get thanks from the makers directly, shows we did something good.

My friend, Blockchain Whispers elite crypto brother (or sis) this is beyond my expectations.

Thank you!


P. S. My gratefulness doesn't mean I won't spend time on my education if some crypto chick decides to teach me if boobs look bullish with 350cc silicone implants in it or not. Blockchain Whispers logo all over :)