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UTK - LONG TERM | HAS SHORT TERM & MIDTERM POTENTIAL GAINS Fundamental: Serious working product in...

the works and has multiple mechants already signed up to use the product | Very good utility tokens |Going to disrupt Paypal and Bitpay | Has a very interesting roadmap that supports price appreciation mid term (now to July and August) and long term (Q1 2019) | Very dedicated team working always on products | Upcoming Zero Conference with even Paypal as sponsor, speaks volumes

Psychological: Paypal disruption will spark many interest | A glance at the price chart shows low price that will spike quick buys when noticed soon for short term | Disrupting Paypal and paypay being a spondor at the conference tells people this is a non stopper | Conference happening in April, the month most people have programmed their minds to believe it'll be bullish for BTC and market, thereby it'll actually be bullish for market and BTC so more price action

Technical: Basically Lions and Premiums have broken all resistences, and now it's #1 on HUOBI gainers list - a coin that rocks by itself, do your own research, you'll love it.