US To Turn Its Supercomputer To Mine All Remaining Bitcoin

US To Turn Its Supercomputer To Mine All Remaining Bitcoin

The IBM-built Summit supercomputer is the world's smartest and most powerful AI machine. Its racks are connected by over 185 miles of fiber-optic cables.

Their team has evaluated the Bitcoin (BTC) has a value to stay, and decided to 'take over' the mining. With this capacity, the award rate of over 95% - in other words, all mined Bitcoin will be theirs.

Summit has nearly 28,000 graphics processors made by Nvidia, alongside more than 9,000 conventional processors from IBM. Such heavy use of graphic chips is unusual for a supercomputer, and it should enable breakthroughs in deploying machine learning on tough scientific problems, says Thomas Zacharia, director of Oak Ridge National Lab. 

"We will add more, and our computing power helps us increase the power of gpus per processor. It would be your 100,000 home-driven processors".

Is this the beginning of Bitcoin centralization?



UPDATE: This is April's fools joke. However, think of the possibility. So many super-computers out there. One could start mining...

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  • 306
5m ago
April fools!
  • 294
5m ago
I think that Russia will counteract the us by unveiling their quantum computer next week.
D Man
  • 4053
5m ago
yes, that is in the talks...
  • 50
5m ago
Thats really scary
  • 41
5m ago
Damn with this much Bitcoin and so much mining power they could also be the one to manipulate prices or maybe they LL help control the manipulation..
  • 182
5m ago
Wars is going on .....
  • 14
5m ago
fake neeeeeews
  • 272
5m ago
This must be April,fool
  • 877
5m ago
April fool joke but still a scary thought. Accumulate.
  • 306
5m ago
April fools!
  • 353
5m ago
Is it a joke =))
  • 64
5m ago
Don't even bother to read any news posted on April 1st. Its all joke :D
  • 71
5m ago
News on April 1. Good Job D! Now when the Moonship lands they'll never see it!
  • 190
5m ago
Actually, they are planning to run this Super Computer on the moon. That's why Trump wants NASA back on the moon by 2024 !
  • 62
5m ago
Even if it is April fools news, don't be fooled such plans aren't in consideration. The third world war will be digital, don't forget that.
  • 165
5m ago
April LOL :)
  • 65
5m ago
they are just creating hype again to dump on masses...