Update to my forecast on BTC Still, the same thing - just with a delay. The movement can begin...

once 6xxx range is broken upwards. We are in this cycle now as there are multiple benefits for the whales. It is still safest and best, not to sell your alts now, but although it might be profitable, the odds are not good for you to buy any either.

Any new fiat should be transferred to the btc alone. Not to it's derivates.

This stability even at this shitty level is good for btc and crypto. It is not good for alts. The game is changing, shitty alts are about to start disappearing. The process won't be overnight, might take up to a year for the game and mentality to change, just I want you to be ahead of the cycle.

Worry not if you dipped this year, many top crypto funds dipped, I mean TOP of the top. Because it's not about bad trading, it's about building a house on a shakey ground... they are good builders, but they are not earth-quake experts.

So what you do now?

Don't sell. Don't buy. If you can, enter more in btc. Hold. Do something else.

I am working on three new things:
1) finalizing the chat for you, and decided to make it the most useful free chat in crypto.
2) Secret research that will give us what to do regardless of btc price, I expect it within 2 weeks if all goes well. Premiums will try first, but if the method is good - you're ahead of the flock.
3) ... a surprise!

Sorry for not answering messages - it is just taking too much time, which I don't have now. Let me do a short FAQ:

1) I want to join your fund management?
— Thank you for your faith in me, I am getting shitload of requests for our fund management, although, for the same reason you trust me and want to give me your funds, for that same reason I have to reject you... at this moment, I can't do big things with big fund. If everything is red, there is no trading to be done, and I am not shorting client's money. So, advice is, if you have bigger funds - hold in btc and relax for now — once over 8k, consider zrx, eth... once over 10k - we will write an update when we see the situation. I have a huge waiting list for the fund management, and I am probably the only guy in this industry who is rejecting these insane (thousands of btc) amounts offered to me, however, if we are to win, we are to win together, and right now - holding, you can be doing it yourself too. I'll write an update when something changes. Existing clients are doing well, because some were in really good icos, some are in special deals and some did micro trading, however, nothing I could do for new guys for big amounts at the moment. Will update if something changes.

2) Regarding promotion on the channel - have you seen me promote anything?

You haven't.

For a reason. First off - I don't accept shit projects. I don't want to promote them. I work hard to build relationship with my channel and now I am proud to have the most loyal following in crypto. Not some uni professor or banker or whoever... but me, your D. And my followers made it happen for me. So shitty project I'll never knowingly promote.

Also because I don't like ads much, our price (and the effect) is high, so it is only for serious, top quality projects.

Now there is one exception: conferences. I did a mistake before by rejecting many... but now I realized I want to promote conferences. It is good for crypto. And I don't need much, just that you have a good gatehring, and that my members get it for free.

Other exceptions that are good for crypto also welcome.

3) this is the type of message I am most sorry I can't answer lately, you were sending me your insiders and good stuff. So sorry, I'll try to make up to you by making this channel even more useful, simply telegram offers no message organisation and when you are receiving as many messages as I am - it gets out of hand. If there is anything urgent that you sent me and I didn't answer - bump the message again so I see it.

Thank you and stay strong. Btc might be good this year. Btc almost surely will be good in 2020. Don't do a mistake worse than not investing in btc when it was 6k... by exiting it at 6k. Cheers! D

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