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UPDATE on the free call and Bitcoin (By Cartel H)

Bitcoin, according to Cartel H (most accurate in this cycle), is still in downtrend until daily goes over 8400...
on 4x our liquidation is around 8710-8770 - which keeps us in the safe zone for that.

Trading is a risky sport, however, I rather believe insiders that have 9 out of 10 accurate trades, than some lucky guesses who fomoed and buy bitcoin.

I will never go to tether in this cycle as I told you - but for bitmex positions, I am sticking to the short for as long as this patience-testing, high-leverage-busting short stays in play.

We are updating like 4-5 times daily... while this break above 7200 was a bad sign, it's just a first line of defense and gets people trapped if it goes down.

Let's play it thoroughly.