Top Research For Top Crypto Projects

In case you missed out, so far these reports have astonishing accuracy.

Those reports are unique, in-house researched, second to none.

In each we have uncovered at least one edge-giving element that enables you to make your decision on that project better than an uneducated mass, and even better than educated fund managers and such.

I wanted to list out for you here the reports we have written so far in case you missed any:

Litecoin Price (LTC)
- Litecoin price is our first report of the kind. Well researched uncovers uniquely movements in Asian scene that give Litecoin an extra boost. Part of this report already played out and it is making nice profit to those early to act. Are you holding for 3-digits price?

Cardano Price (ADA)
- Cardano price report is the first one where both our research teams worked together. Mr. Y came with his Coinbase conclusions and why and how it should be the next Coinbase addition.

Zilliqa Price (ZIL)
- Fundamentally one strong coin, and in the next couple of months it's ZIL's time - especially around summer 2019.

Tezos Price (XTZ)
- Tezos is not technically a full price report, it is just an update to what we already reported. Make sure to read it. Our fundamental analyst is so excited about Tezos and considers it one of the most undervalued high-caps currently.

Electroneum Price (ETN)
- This is a shit coin that so many love, has big community following, and in this report we covered everything about Electroneum and broke one myth about it's mobile mining - it ain't mining at all. It doesn't mine.

Bitcoin Price (BTC)
- Bitcoin price report is not yet done at my satisfaction. For now you can skip it. Our research team didn't want to start on this mammoth yet, as first you must see in other reports how accurate, edge giving your prediction is. Plus you can find an detailed overview of Bitcoin in 2019 here. An excellent read.

Maker Price (MKR)
- Maker price is by far the hardest report written so far, as it is fucking boring to make, technical to understand, and yet we pulled it out properly to make you well aware of this stablecoin giant. Many big whales swear this is to go for Ethereum marketcap. Go read it.

You don't need to read boring news sites. You don't get much. You just react.
Instead, when you read these reports, you do know what is going on and why such project should win (ADA, ZIL for example) or why some shouldn't on the long run (ETN).

Reading this is like your Fundamental crash-course in crypto. Don't underestimate as you didn't pay for it. If I put $199 price per report, I could easily have many to take me up on this quality info. I gave it beause I believe in us sticking together whenever is possible and to provide you an edge outsiders out of Blockchain Whispers can't have.

For the next report, I read your comments here. Suggest me.
We will do one more, and then stop, as it is extremely time consuming for the entire research team to dig this deep into a project. We interviewed teams, we found connections, checked source codes and official releases... our boards looked like a war rooms. No wonders others don't do it.

Comment, read and enjoy!

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  • 50
5m ago
If tezos goes 5-8-10$ im buying a premium account, thats for sure
  • 272
5m ago
What a wonderful summary of these projects. All in one place. You are wonderful D Man
  • 270
5m ago
I'm curious about your opinion on Ravencoin
  • 73
5m ago
long live BCW!
  • 353
5m ago
Awesome they are. Thank you very much BCW!
  • 141
5m ago
I am keen to know about Ethereum Classic but perhaps a myth buster report on Tron would be more interesting for many readers.
  • 160
5m ago
Did you ever think about IOTA? It has another approach than the blockchain. It uses the Tangle, which is so far unique to IOTA. Also they want to become the currency of machines and not directly people. Seems interesting to me. Would love to hear a BCW report about that project
  • 160
5m ago
And another project I would like to suggest is DigiByte. It is basically a BitCoin Clone, but more decentralized, flexible and technologically superior. Alone the Digi-ID makes it worth a look
  • 371
5m ago
Oh...I hope that your team will create report in the future because they are really great. When I read I feel a lot of work in the article. I'm so grateful for all the info provided from your team. So please share the info with us or at least update us with the most important projects and changes that do affect us in the market ;) Thank you for all the hard work ...
  • 437
5m ago
  • 19
5m ago
Pundi X..?
Firebeard Jeff
  • 133
5m ago
Thank you dman, they are awesome reports! I've watched tezos from the start aswell as I got in ico, sold out at good profit but think I need to get back in now! One project u must look at is HOWDOO. They are about to rock the social media boat big time.
  • 419
5m ago
ZRX Might be a cool one. Just because it got on Coinbase and never had some kind of a huge price explosion.
  • 234
5m ago
Great reports, great work! Thank you, team! It would be interesting for me to see report about CND or cV.
  • 97
5m ago
I'd like to heard about NEO from you. Got a lot of interesting aspects about it.
  • 31
5m ago
Does any1 read these reports, or why is maker report about litecoin?
  • 68
3m ago
This is propably a mistake, the text was not changed for Maker, but just click on the button " In-depth Maker Price Analysis" and you will have it.