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Today, or tomorrow... you will hear the untold state of Ethereum ETH... my top analyst and the team...

are working on it. You might be shocked.

We know it for a while, developping up on it, planned to give it to you as a gift at some point, but now I decided, after this amazing (still most messages unread) ocean of support... I want to give you some new fresh Blockchain-Whispers-level quality first-news.

My top analyst is way more precise than me, so it will be all proof-backed and you will love it. When I write, it's big picture oriented. He is way more precision focused. He got you top big coins before anyone else... when people didn't know how big they are, he did.

The new ETH fate could shock you!

Luckily, nothing is time sensitive, it might take MONTHS for people to realize it, so you will have no panic or anything to urgently act. Just for you to know and plan strategically. Talk soon!