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To My Loyal Followers


Since the crash of Telegram, I didn't write you the plan.

Now I am working on making the site updateable for you, so you can follow it as easily as Telegram.  Make sure you subscribe to notifications (here if you can use the calc, it means you successfully subscribed).

With time I'll do more stuff, right now - I want to make sure you know that you should be in crypto now with more longer term perspective.  Alts are fucked at the moment (I suggest you setting really low buy orders in case a flash crash happens and it gets fulfilled for you)... bitcoin still not bullish, more manipulation than ever on the market...

I am here with you.  I'll inform you with my findings and things you should know.

However, the first thing is, to take it easier than you did... as now, if you have btc already - no major change will happen until we break 8400 daily.  Remember that!

Bookmark this website, and check it frequently, as I'm working on it actively and will be good and pleasant surprises.  For Telegram channel, I don't plan on rebuilding it - I didn't even bother to complain to Telegram as owning something on someone else's platform always puts you at their mercy.  This website we will make useful, and badass!


Love and still here with you,