To my institutional Investor Followers First, I am privileged my recommendations make majority of...

To my institutional Investor Followers

First, I am privileged my recommendations make majority of your holdings.
Obviously you do your own research as well, however my ahead-of-time spot-on picks have shaped portfolios of top crypto funds at the moment:

The top 10 funds have ALL my picks in there (not exclusively!)
Top 20 funds, 13 have and 7 don't have my stuff.

But top 10, ALL have.

Pantera Capital
Signum Capital
Kenetic Capital
PolyChain Capital

Of course, I'm privileged.

This war is not against you. Not at all, but without the people, without ordinary Joe being able to benefit from crypto and from money free from banking claws,... it becomes slower for everyone: slower developments, geniuses from garage that could do ICOs that will pump 100x become a thing of history.

It's really not institutions against the people it's the laws that fuck it all up.

Institutions with or without regulation in both cases can work their internal laws to be ABLE to invest and then pick super strong projects like they are picking now that we announced early: ZIL, ONT, ENG, KNC,... and Bitcoin

Does anyone forbid it?


This slows down game for everyone. You just have more power as the big collective money through influence to shape the laws. Yes, being ahead of the public is lucrative... only for as long as public keeps on buying

and more profitable decision would be to let the public get mass adoption in crypto, at least double the current stats - that way more people would be buying after you, and the market would be stable enough so it can't be shaken down. Now you also are at risk of going into Ice Age for a year or two if bitcoin plummets again. And then what happens with your capital if btc freezes for two years?

Harmony with people is by far stronger than harmony with the government.

Yes, there are procedures already in place with thousands of years of banking history how to control the markets... however, regardless how many trillions banking guys had - their trillions are worth NOTHING if people don't put value to them. A thousand dollars in a desert doesn't mean shit.

And that is the power people have - to turn paper into paper and give a good project value.

What is bitcoin, it's a computer scorecard, that now one electronic point is worth thousands of dollars.

The whole point is, pushing for regulation in a way that kicks ordinary people out of the game is dangerous for both sides.

Listen to the only credible source you follow that talks about chicks while giving gems no expert in suit and tie can give you. I am sure, in a way, you enjoy my posts also because it makes it less dull... and you can never predict where my next gem will be or how delivered... how much rant to go until the next one.

I do thank you for your enormous trust, like I became a trend among the whales... let's build crypto in something we will all be proud of.

Because at the end of life, all the paper is left here... all your coins stay here — and only thing that counts is what you did with it.


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