Tittie Bar Confessions Of Crypto Wall Street

Tittie Bar Confessions Of Crypto Wall Street

In any given time during trading, there are two basic types of traders: 

winners and losers.

Winners bought or sold right, while the losers didn't.

However, winners, divide also in two categories:

winners and losers.

how so?

These messages from Bitmex Sicario Followers should illustrate a point. I let you conclude who is in which category:

"hey D, thanks for Sicario calls! I was down until it started. Missed the first two, and still I made way more than what you guys promote as wins. Noobs underestimate the power of compound, and limiting the losses

This is what I did... The first signal I followed with just 10% of the portfolio. I got a winner, I saw incredible accuracy of Sicario Bitmex Signals, so i decided a special fund just for Sicario trades.

I would follow the announcements by Sicario to gauge their confidence. Whenever confident, I would move stop-loss immediately as soon as I'd be in profit.

I would NEVER invest more than 10% of my portfolio, but I had a twist: I would reinvest my profits. So if I made from 0.1btc made 0.11, my next investment is going to be 0.11. If I make from 0.11 0.15 - my next one is 0.15, and that multiplies by compound force like Albert Einstein said: the power of compounding is the eight wonder of the world.

Now noobs could stop and wonder what I do with losing signals. I did my math, and as I'm your follower since early days, I concluded that the risk of Sicario calls being completely liquidated with such stop-losses is minimal to none. So I am not risking the entire trade and whole profit..

this suited me well, as with my own following, active understanding of what's going on, and yes you MUST be on the screen during the calls, I did 1.44 btc out of 0.9 btc initial investment (that is 1.44btc profit!). You can use this email to show even the 'more upper' side of your amazing Sicario calls. Thank you, your proud premium member, P from Zurich."


And I got this message:

"dude i got fu?*ed with sicario calls as i did good with first five calls til yesterday. now im back with less than i started. i know not your fault but i wish you warn us when call not as sure"


Now I think it doesn't take a genius to conclude the difference between those two traders.

Not only I enjoy working with the first group, I love the spirit, his desire to share his winning tactics with you, the appreciation and all...

and I also hate dealing with the second group, rarely even recognizing the fault, almost never grateful, and not evolving. 

I use this message, to teach you of the proper way of portfolio management.

MANY MANY, MANY guys, followed the Sicario calls like this:

1) the first one they entered and they didn't check notifications, didn't exit early, got rekt.

2) the second they stood out and they missed good profit.

3) now they saw 'hey this is good, I might have missed it' - they invested and made profit.

4) now, they said "wow let me do this" and repeated with a bit bigger part of portfolio and made profit.

5) now some guys said "fuck his 10x, I am doing 50x" and got rekt, while others made even greater profit.

6) now they decided, fuuk - this is good, I am all in, and made profit.

they said on the next one - 'I am all in again' - this is awesome, and popping some extra money in - and they won again.

7) fuck this is amazing, I'm calling the bank, they went all in - and got rekt.

They stop following, the next call is a win, but they invested just a small fraction of previous investment.


those guys think they are very unlucky.

The guys who followed with 10% of portfolio, treated it as a business so followed updates, adjusted stops, they did exceptionally well.  Some even like the follower from the beginning of this article developped their own ways to multiply gains. They did great profits!

Those who went all in -- even if Sicario had 9 out of 10 accurate calls, which is top notch in any trading, and is something unheard of in leveraged trading... they managed to fail even though nine were accurate, one was not.

A side note: Just imagine how much balls it takes to make this article: https://blockchainwhispers.com/bitcoin-about-to-go-down/ warn you publicly that bitcoin goes down from here.  I made MANY articles like those.  With laser-like accuracy.  Nobody in crypto does it. Because they hate being held accountable.  Most Twitter guys say "we see bears, we see bulls, we see maybe this or that".  My followers respect me for taking a stand. Even if 1 out of 10 will be wrong, or even two.  Sure I get jealous idiots who get happy when they see me wrong, however, most good folks understand that with proper analysis of their own and using me as your EDGE is something that is worth its weight in gold. And at the end of the day, what the fuck are they giving me?  I am giving something to the community. My goals are transparent: help you so that I leave the mark, and make enough money to finance my strip club out of crypto profit for as long as I want to.  And then me and you and my good followers will party inside, and they will again bitch as the entry is too expensive for them saying that my big boob Ukrainian chicks are not as good as their Fat Berta. 

So to make sure I didn't write this for the flies on the wall... here's a quick takeaway:

the fastest way to profit is the slow and steady way.

the most predisposed traders to win are those who don't really need to win.

putting the odds in your favor, being active, and always use the same, or at least strategic portfolio management is the ONLY way to win.

Fomo, putting all in one trade, etc won't make you happy.


There are three types of traders who follow Sicario calls:

Top professionals - who want to make sure they didn't miss something, and know the general direction, they are taking the profit on their way as they decide they should, using Sicario Bitmex calls as super-valuable guidelines.

Smart amateurs - they follow exactly like Sicario writes, actively, with right portfolio management, and are on screen when trades are active or fast. They do exceptionally well just like Sicario promotes.

and there are

Noobs - they invest more each time the winning call is made, they invest less after a loss, they 'wait to rek' their big position and then re enter it small. After a losing call they don't follow one call. Only to come back at a streak.  They even with 9 out of 10 wins are hardly winning blaming their bad luck and not thanking their lucky stars for finding such accurate bitcoin leverage trader like Sicario.

I hope this summary helps you identify which category you're in and what you need to do to win big(ger).




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