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Tip Of The Day #5 - Why Did Litecoin Pump Today?

I see 14% pump in Litecoin, while all other top alts did between 0 and 3%. I wonder why?

I go to my Blockchain Whispers E.A.R. and type in "Litecoin"...

The latest news is some price analysis. News one hour ago is some acknowledment of the rpice, but hey...  then I see the MimbleWimble announcement.


I scroll further my Blockchain Whispers E.A.R. and see the confirmation:

"Litecoin Price Pumps 10% After Mimblewimble Privacy Announcement"

That's it.


Simple as that, took me 30 seconds to find out why some coin pumped.

Blockchain Whispers Baby!

Thank you for following.  Now my idea is to show you how to use it for your maximum benefit.



  • 25
1w ago
damn D i'm impressed
  • 210
2w ago
This is awesome, however the real power will come when we use the information here to actually predict price moves before they happen and act accordingly
  • 6
2w ago
How not to like this? Very good indeed.
  • 285
2w ago
Many thanks to D for the hint. It's so easy, but you have to have the idea
  • 491
2w ago
Wow Another proof that you have given the best tools to even the smallest of traders. This is Decentralized power Game Changer
  • 108
2w ago
Super simple and useful with Blockchain Whispers E.A.R. Nice tip, thank you so much D Man!