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Tip Of The Day #1 - The ONLY Real Bitcoin Sentiment

Tip of the day I don't know if you noticed, but Blockchain Whispers community has guessed all seven btc moves correctly in that big button up and down voting on the homepage!

bitcoin sentiment

(this one I think they won't get right though :)

This shows two things: how smart Blockchain Whispers community is and 2) how to use the REAL market sentiment.

Tradingview cannot tell you sentiment. Neither can the news count... only simple, real Blockchain Whispers buttons can.

Here's why: The sentiment is not what top chartists think, nor how many bullish news is out there. The real sentiment is what PEOPLE THINK! And the only real, active, human, intelligent voting you have in this simple Blockchain Whispers green and red buttons. Use it.


The sentiment is not always predicting the move, sometimes it is countered... but it has its intelligent phases which help you determine whether to go with or against the trend. So far I actually expected 7 moves to be predicted wrongly, and not correct... very good job guys!

Proud of you!



  • 640
1m ago
BW is going the right path. Building such a fantastic product, it will be go to resource (yeah i dont like to call it just a website anymore) when market will ride the bulls. Cheers
D Man
  • 3224
1m ago
Thank you brother. I agree with you and I built it with that goal in mind, to be your most useful resource for crypto trading on the planet. To give you everything basically. It's like a chick that has and ass AND a boobs... and a cute face... and is smart and a good heart (yes, almost a mythological creature :) Cheers!